Snoop Dogg- “Algorithm” (Album Review)

Attempting to show off the current talent of the Def Jam roster, the Snoop Dogg lead Algorithm is a compilation album that makes you question if getting through the gruesome lows makes it worth it for the just alright highs. Through 25 songs, Uncle Snoop further proves how he’s the most overrated mc of all time as he carelessly

Tech N9ne- “Asi9ine” (Album Review)

After the Fear series which pushed his artistic boundaries to new ceilings, it would definitely be challenging for legendary rapper Tech N9ne to come up with an idea more interesting and his newest album, Asi9ine, does nothing of the sort. Through an oversaturated tracklist that spans a tedious 17 songs, the Strange Music leader pretty

KA- “A Martyr’s Reward” (Album Review)

With the release of his sixth studio album, A Martyr’s Reward, KA has created another soul-shocking journey filled with jagged lyricism, vivid world-building and strong character development. Over the course of 13 pain-ridden tracks, the phantom-like mc refers to the concept of being a Martyr or somebody who’s subject to death for having a particular

MIKE- “Disco!” (Album Review)

On his ninth studio album Disco!, lo-fi hip hop pioneer MIKE has given listeners another distributed entrance into his paranoia. Over a gloomy soundtrack produced by himself, the New York mc continues to unravel apart his troubled mind with his well-layered pen game that’s just as technically proficient as it is emotionally intuned. With a soundscape that’s so

Interview with Italian Rap Star Tommy Kuti

Tommy Kuti is one of the hottest rappers in Italy right now. We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his career, culture, and life. Enjoy! Mr. Fantastic: In this current day and age, hip hop has become more global than ever. In your opinion, what makes Italian rap music special?                             Tommy

Jack Swan- “Loner” (Single Review)

Upcoming artist Jack Swan has let us into the darkest crevices of his mind in his spectacular single “Loner”. Through an eventful three minutes and 56 seconds, the young artist pours out his heart in such a mournful way over his self-produced score that masterfully complements his every action. While sometimes the overuse of autotune makes his pain

The Alchemist- “This Thing Of Ours 2” (EP Review)

On The Alchemist’s newest EP, This Thing Of Ours Pt. 2, he continues to show that he can thrive alongside any name thrown his way. With five total tracks, Uncle Al crafts an array of fine-tuned soundscapes that masterfully encompass his guest’s commanding vocals. From Mavi’s glorious “Miracle Baby” to the quirky “Wildstyle” with ZelooperZ,

Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid “Trust Fund Babies” (Album Review)

This October, Lil Wayne teamed up with Rich The Kid for a 10 track collaboration album, Trust Fund Babies. Looking at this record top to bottom, I ask the question of why? Tracks like “Feelin’ Like Tunechi” and “Shh” contain solid performances from Weezy, but why would he decide to carry such a burdening load

Maxo Kream- “Weight Of The World” (Album Review)

Following up 2019s Brandon Banks, Maxo Kream certainly had big shoes to fill, but his newest lp, Weight Of The World, doesn’t shy away from the challenge. Through a star-studded tracklist that features Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Freddie Gibbs, and more, Kream puts together an experience that’s both entertaining to the ear and fulfilling to the soul. For

Aminé- “TWOPOINTFIVE” (Mixtape Review)

Off my initial listen, Aminè’s newest project, TWOPOINTFIVE, sounded like a creative calamity, but as I’ve gone further into unraveling this 26-minute experience, the mixtape has become of the most fun listens the entire year has had to offer. Through 12 tracks, the Portland rapper fuses his hip-hop roots with hyper and synth-pop to make one of the


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