Jack London Is Raps Next Big Thing, Find Out Why

Rising artist may be 19 years old, but his musical inspirations span far beyond his generation. He cites Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Elvis Presley as some of his biggest influences which can be seen in his music. Take his new song, “Flippin Packs”, it embodies the core elements of trap musics roots, but it

Logic- “Vinyl Days” Review

Click the video below to see my review and breakdown on Logic’s newest album, Vinyl Days

Benny The Butcher- “The Plugs I Met” Review

Today marks the third anniversary of Benny The Butcher’s The Plugs I Met. Watch the video below to see my review. Be sure to leave a like and subscribe.

Drake- “Honestly, Nevermind” Review

Was Drake’s new album any good? Watch the video below to hear my thoughts!

Zen Dash’s Song “Dali Lama” Shows Us Why He Is Here To Stay In The Rap Game

On the song “Dali Lama,” rising artist Zen Dash shows he has a great ear for beats and a fierce demeanor that is familiar yet refreshing. Dali Lama (prod. by allthesmokey) by Zen Dash In just under three minutes, Zen Dash delivers a fierce show filled with lyrical jabs and his blistering charisma. He talks

Top 25 Albums Of 2022 So Far

For Our Reasoning Behind Every Pick Click The Video Below:

Phife Dawg- “Forever” Review

Legendary rapper Phife Dawg’s farewell album Forever is a posthumous record that respects the legacy of the artist but feels stretched out at times. When Phife Dawg is rapping, he never lets down with a series of verses throughout the lp that all contain at the bare minimum, good performances but even at 13 songs,

Mike Dimes- “IN DIMES WE TRUST” Review

Upcoming Texas rapper Mike Dimes shows listeners he is a bright part of hip hop’s future on his project IN DIMES WE TRUST. Through just half an hour of running time, Mike shows what makes him special as he embodies the best of southern hip hop and trap music. He has a commanding voice, and

Boldy James & Real Bad Man- “Killing Nothing” Review

Teaming up with Real Bad Man for the second time, Boldy James creates another fantastic project with Killing Nothing. From start to finish we can see Real Bad Man brings a lot darker of a presence to the score compared to the other producers Boldy has worked with. This allows James’ words to sink harder

IDK- “Simple.” Review

Through a mere eight tracks, IDK manages to make a solid comeback effort with Simple. From the sonic atmosphere executively produced by KAYTRANADA to IDK’s own performance which is much more consistent from his last record, USEE4YOURSELF, this project does not repeat any of the same flaws IDK was previously panned for. This works to


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