Skyzoo- “Milestones” Review

Skyzoo- “Milestones” Review

Skyzoo has been a highly respected New York mc since the mid-2000s. He has a handful of cult classics, including his 2006 effort Cloud 9: The 3 Day High with legendary producer 9th Wonder, 2015s Music For My Friends, and 2019s Retropolitan with the legendary Pete Rock. His newest project, Milestones, may just be his most mature work to date as it is food for thought in our modern world.

Lyrically, most of Milestones addresses the principles of fatherhood. From Sky’s dad to others who struggled due to their father’s absence, the New York mc truly pens potent stories discussing the importance for young males to have a dad. The album is tied together through tiny skits in between tracks, which depict the life of a young Skyzoo growing up with a father in a fatherless world. Having a dad gave Sky insight into what’s right and wrong and how to conduct himself as a person. The track “At Least I Got One” is an absolute standout as it shows a young, naive Zoo fighting with a classmate as he brags that he has a dad while this other boy doesn’t. Another standout is “A Song For Fathers”, which shows Sky’s perspective on fatherhood as a whole now that he is a mature parent himself. Overall, the content on this album is super sturdy and much needed in today’s society.

Sonically, Milestones thrives with its classy, jazz-oriented production. Most instrumentals have a classic New York boom-bap feel blended with intuitive rhythm and blues samples. The production feels sentimental and meaningful, which creates a perfect vibe to match Skyzoo’s powerful lyrics. Standout instrumentals include “Turning 10” and “A Song for Fathers” which both capture the pinnacle of jazz-infused hip hop. As a whole, the production on the project is delightful to listen to.

In conclusion, Milestones brings up such a unique topic, which often is overlooked in hip hop. Skyzoo highlights the importance of being a present father and its detriment to the youth. The power of his lyricism and storytelling is super emotional, making anyone who has been involved in a similar predicament question all their actions. On top of the music being good, this is a powerful thinking piece that will stay relevant for a long time.

Rating: 7.3/10

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