Jack Harlow- “Whats Poppin Remix” Review

Jack Harlow- “Whats Poppin Remix” Review

Jack Harlow has been a rapper I haven’t been too fond of, but when I found out he was teaming up with DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and the legendary Lil Wayne for a remix of his hit single “Whats Poppin” I became reasonably excited. Today I will be giving you my thoughts on this track and see how it compares to its original counterpart.

The song opens up with a new verse from Harlow, which I will say is a lot more memorable than his original performance. There is a lot of quotable lines as the young mc brags about his success and wealth. Not the best thing I’ve heard, but it gets the job done. DaBaby’s verse sounded something reminiscent to his older sound, which was a delight to listen to as his most recent album Blame it on Baby was a sonic disaster. With hard-hitting bars and his quick flow, DaBaby delivered on his part. Tory Lanez may jut have the best verse on the track as he tears up the microphone. From his recent independent success to his relationship issues, Tory goes on a rant about his current life. Closing the song is Lil Wayne, who spits a dense verse with a few good lines. While it’s not too strong in content, Wayne adds a unique flair that enhances the track. Overall each mc does there job well enough to enhance this banger.

In conclusion, the “Whats Poppin Remix” is a cool remix and an enjoyable banger. The three A-list rappers added to the track make it a lot more enjoyable as each one brings something new sonically to the table. While I wouldn’t call the record great by any means, it does its job well of hyping people up.

Rating: 6.7/10

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