Blu & Exile- “The Feeling” Review

Blu & Exile- “The Feeling” Review

Blu and Exile are one of the most prolific rapper-producer duos hip hop has ever seen. Since their critically acclaimed debut “Below The Heavens”, the two have been beloved in the music world. This year, they have been gearing up for their next release “Miles”, which is only weeks away from its July 17th release date. Their newest single from the record is titled “The Feeling“, and it is one of the most emotional and vibrant cuts I have hard all year.

Opening up the record their is a quick monologue talking about feelings. Once it fades away, a beautiful instrumental consisting of an upbeat piano melody, a simple drum pattern, and a mellow soul sample kicks in. As the beat settles in, Blu starts to rap about all of his troubles in life. From raising his kids to worrying about police brutality, there has been a lot deluding his mental state recently. Once the mc examines his conscience, a hook consisting of a sample from the Mobb Deep track “It’s Mine” plays for a few seconds. Following up the bridge, Blu breaks down what “The Feeling” actually is. He says it is the truth and the healing, along with a couple of other meanings. More importantly, he thanks the entity as he says it is why he is still living today. Blu then goes even deeper as he has a philosophical analysis of himself. He ponders if he still has his faith and blessings as he hasn’t been appreciating them recently. As he is getting even more introspective, the second verse concludes. My favorite part of the record is Exile’s grand finale which follows up Blu’s powerful lesson. The production is so elusive I honestly almost teared up while listening to this beautiful bridge. During the instrumental playout, the monologue from the intro is continued as it further explains what “The Feeling” truly is. The speech continues along with the closing score until both eventually fade out after a powerful three minutes.

In conclusion, 2020 has given us so many phenomenal singles from a plethora of talented artists, yet “The Feeling” still shines brighter than the rest. Blu, a lyrical mastermind at this point, delivers one of the most thought-provoking verses I have heard in a while. Topping it off, Exile shows off again why he is one of the premier producers the game has to offer. Overall, their upcoming album “Miles” has super high expectations as each single they have released has been better than the last.

Rating: 10/10

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