Drake & DJ Khaled- “GREECE” Review

Drake & DJ Khaled- “GREECE” Review

Not one, but two Drake and DJ Khaled songs were released today! The second one is titled “GREECE“, and after listening to prior record, “POPSTAR” I’m sure it will probably be an even more generic banger. Well, there’s only one way to find out how this is going to be.

The instrumental has a bit of a foreign feel to it, and so does Drake’s voice. Aubrey is rapping in his highly criticized Latin oriented voice. It honestly sounds like he is just ripping off artists like Bad Bunny to an extent. The actual content of what Drake is saying is just as lifeless as his vocals. He is pretty much just talking about all the things he would do for the right women in the most annoying way possible. After a series of verses and hooks that stick together, the song has a mood switch in the outro where we see him continue to beat up the same subjects but in a different vocal tone and pace. After an excruciatingly bad 3 minutes and 39 seconds, the track finally ends.

Looking at “GREECE”, I’m honestly bewildered by what I just heard. Drake seriously needs to retire that foreign baby voice as it isn’t just obnoxious, it is repulsive and turned me off form the entire track. The instrumental was just as bland and boring as the rest, and I was left puzzled for those three minutes. Hopefully, this is the end of Drake and Khaled in 2020.

Rating: 0/10

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