Joey Bada$$- “The Light Pack” Review

Joey Bada$$- “The Light Pack” Review

Joey Bada$$ is an mc who needs no introduction at this point. After being pretty quiet since his 2017 release “ALL-AMEIKKKAN BADA$$” Bodman has finally given fans new music in his “The Light Pack“. As it is only three songs and 8 minutes long, will this EP be enough to feed his hungry fans?

The project opens up with the track “The Light”. Opening up with a mellow instrumental, Joey calmy eases back into the limelight. Once he gets comfy, Bada$$ starts to tear up the competition as he talks about his absence, feelings towards the game, and goals for the future. There is a handful of quotable lines, including “I’m like Mahatma Gandhi meets Muhammad Ali”. Following it up, the song “No Explanation” shows a more laid back side of Joey as he brags about the various accomplishments he has under his belt. Along with boasting, he also talks about being an advocate for the youth. Adding even more layers to this track, Pusha T makes a guest appearance where he demolishes the microphone. There is a lot covered in his short aid, and there are even more memorable lines and intriguing wordplay. Following it up, Joey has another verse where he shows off his top tier lyrical ability with a series of intuitive lines consisting of animals and biblical metaphors. Closing out the track, the hook, and the instrumental proceed to play out. The third track, “Shine”, is an upbeat summer anthem that lacks depth but makes up for its profound writing. The instrumental is super vibrant with its smooth piano and jazzy feel. In contrast to the first half, Joey’s second verse has a lot of power embedded in it as the New York mc compares himself to a modern gospel where individuals can learn and build from his experiences. The track ends on a positive note with a playout of the sample looped for most of the song’s length.

In conclusion, “The Light Pack” is a formidable return for Joey Bada$$. I honestly noticed a step up in his wordplay and lyricism, which says alot knowing the type of lyricist he already is. Going forward, Joey seems to be taking his subject matter to a more philosophical level, which will push his artistic boundaries even further for his next full-length record. The only real thing this ep has me wanting is more of it, and hopefully, we see even more music from one of hip hops premier artists shortly!

Rating: 7.9/10

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