Jordan D. Mitchell- “I’ll Apologize Later: Directors Cut” Review

Jordan D. Mitchell- “I’ll Apologize Later: Directors Cut” Review

Jordan D. Mitchell is a highly skilled rapper/producer from Stockton, California. This year, he released his album “I’ll Apologize Later” which received positive critical reception and built him a presence in the west coast underground scene. Following it up, he has just released “I’ll Apologize Later: Director’s Cut“. His goal with this project was to complete his original vision while also proving he is here to stay. Similar to rappers like JPEGMAFIA, Jordan is pushing abstract hip hop to new boundaries, and this record is just another reason why!

Jordan’s performance comes off as satirical, and that’s where its beauty comes from. The intro track “Ugly” sets the tone going forward as Jordan raps about the trouble fame has brought him in a funny yet meaningful way. The song “Thursday” displays some of the best wordplay on the entire record as lines like “Beat the guts up Mike Tyson” and “My drinks interracial mix the dark with the light” will make the average listener laugh while also being crucial to the story Mitchell is painting. Jordan’s versatility is seen on the tearjerkers “R.I.P Keith” and “The Death of Aunty Mary” as he remorses on some of the darkest moments in his life. We even see Jordan express his frustrations with the corruption in our current nation on “Insignificant/Dark Matter” as he vents about his anger with police brutality and, more specifically, the death of Breonna Taylor. “Dissociation” and “Happy Pills” are two of the most popular songs on I’ll Apologize Later as there potent tales on addiction and substance abuse connect to a wide audience. “FRIENDSHIPS DESERVE TO DIE” was one of my favorite songs as it dives into topics like loyalty and betrayal. The albums outro “Hope” makes you feel like Jordan is talking straight to you as he delivers a powerful and positive speech to his audience. Overall, the blend of skill and relevant subject matter makes Jordan stick out as one of the most prominent MCs on the rise.

Sonically, Jordan has some of the most engaging instrumentals any hip hop fan can ask for. “Thursday Nights” is super enjoyable as it commences with a hard-hitting party instrumental only for it to transition into a classic dance ballad. One of the most creative beats is seen “E-GIRLS FOREVER/PERFECT BLUE” as its spacey and psychedelic feel gives Jordan the perfect background to capture the song’s comedic element. “Insignificant/Dark Matter” and “The Death of Aunty Mary” contain gritty and heartfelt instrumentals, which enable Jordan to bring his scariest tales full circle. “”FRIENDSHIPS DESERVE TO DIE” is another example of Mitchell’s mastery behind the boards as his minimalistic jazz-centric beat allows the cut to follow the records established tone. The ability to capture chaos in a few simple sounds is an improbable task, but “Niggatalk” does it gracefully. Out of all of its pros, my favorite touch is the constant change and morphing of Jordan’s voice, which almost perfectly coincides with every song’s mood. All in all, the production on Ill Apologize Later is on par with nearly every large budget project we have seen in recent years.

In conclusion, “I’ll Apologize Later: Director’s Cut” is an underground masterpiece that I think every hip hop fan needs to hear! Jordan D. Mitchell has already proven himself worthy as he is a talented lyricist and even better overall artist. With such a broad skill set, I think he will be comparable to guys like Tyler, The Creator, and JPEGMFIA in the near future. Going forward, I hope this record continues to build up commercial traction as I truly believe it is something special and even life-changing. If your craving a new sound in the rap genre, Jordan D. Mitchell’s “I’ll Apologize Later: Directors Cut” is the album for you!

Rating: 7.3/10

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