Felt- “Felt 4 U” Review

Felt- “Felt 4 U” Review

When underground hip hop titans Murs and Slug teamed up in 2002 for their collaboration “A Tribute to Christina Ricci”, it would be the birth to their official duo known as Felt. Following it up with 2005s “A Tribute to Lisa Bonet” and 2009s “A Tribute To Rosie Perez”, the pair became one of the most respected hip hop acts of the 2000s. Eleven years later, Murs and Slug have finally reunited as they just released their fourth collaboration “Felt 4 U“. With so much time passing between records, will the pair have enough chemistry to create an astounding body of work?

“Felt 4 U” reminds us why Murs and Slug are regarded as hip hop hall of famers to many. Opening up with “Never’s Enough”, we see the dyad trade verses about the highs and lows of being professional musicians. Follow-up tracks like “Find My Way” and “Don’t Do Me Like That” masterfully display the contrast in the rappers styles as Slug is more analytical and worrisome while Murs is smooth and cocky. Throughout the record, both artists tell illusive stories that reflect on their entire lives. “Through the Night”, “Stick & Stones”, and “Underwater” recite the pinnacles of their juvenile antics. With all of the emotion and personality embedded in the album, there are still some hard-hitting bangers like “Alexander F’real”. “Hologram” has one of the best moments in the entire 4o minute runtime with its feature of the year contending verse from master wordsmith Aesop Rock. Ending this roller coaster on a strong note, the emotional ballads “Crimson Skies” and “Borboleta” show the MCs at their lowest. Overall, Murs and Slug make the album feel worth the long wait as they showcase some of their maturest work yet.

Sonically, the record is illustrious and captivating. Cuts like “Never’s Enough” and “Freeze Tag” feel like the perfect soundtrack to cruise down the freeway too while “Find My Way” and “Underwater” feel like ideal stoner anthems. “Don’t Do Me Like That” had one of my favorite instrumentals as its smooth g-funk sound felt like something off of Dr. Dre’s classic “2001”. Each song has a unique soundscape, which makes almost the entire record a trip to listen to. “Stick & Stones” electric synths and vocal samples give it a special angelic feel. The purity in the instruments on “Borboleta” gives it such a genuine and heartfelt setting. Behind the boards, “Felt 4 U” thrives on its high-quality production and sonically diverse beat selection.

In conclusion, “Felt 4 U” is a fantastic return to form for Murs and Slug as a duo. Both of them handled their side of the album exceptionally well as their distinct styles were able to shine yet come together graciously. My only gripes come from the fact that there was a lack of songs that blew me out of the water, and both Slug and Murs had some corny lines. Looking at the big picture, “Felt 4 U” is a great starting place for hip hop fans who want to get into Slug and Murs, and it is even greater service for their dedicated fans!

Rating: 7.4/10

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