Dyl the Killsmith- “OMG” Review

Dyl the Killsmith- “OMG” Review

Dyl The Killsmith is an upcoming rapper/producer from Houston, Texas. With two projects under his belt, Dyl has already amassed some respect from his peers but is still waiting for his big commercial blow. While we wait for this gifted young artist’s next full-length project, he has given us a single titled “OMG” with J. Breaux and RAB. With this new track, will Dyl be able to create the hit he needs?

Opening up the record, we hear a smooth instrumental consisting of hard-hitting drums and some mind easing chords. After hearing some banter, the beat kicks in, and we hear RAB’s verse. In this portion, he talks about his wild lifestyle along with his self-confidence as an MC. Once the verse concludes the repetitive hook returns, which ultimately leads into a verse from Dyl himself. Fitting the vibe of the track perfectly, The Killsmith lays back and uses some witty wordplay, which will definitely make you jump out of your seat on a first listening. After a long, complex, and fun verse from the talented rapper, the bridge repeats, and there is another guest verse but this time from J Breaux. Out of the three performances, this was the weakest as his monotone delivery sounds poorly mixed, and his bars consist of basic braggadocious flexes. Concluding the verses, the beat plays out along with some humorous vocal refrains.

In conclusion, “OMG” is the perfect track to just sit and relax too. While its the not most energetic of bangers, it does an amazing job at settling down the listener for a relaxing and joyous ride. In my opinion, Dyl shines the brightest as he just seems to be a step over everyone else lyrically, but that’s no diss to his guests. I see this track as the perfect anthem to play when at the beach or pool on a hot summer day. If you’re like me and want to stay posted on Dyl the Killsmith’s future accomplishments, follow @dylthekillsmith on Instagram!

Rating: 5.9/10

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