Lo G- “I Wish You All the Best” Review

Lo G- “I Wish You All the Best” Review

Lo G is a rising rapper from the United Kingdom. He has been building up credit in the industry since 2019 with singles like “Switch It” and “Background Bars”. With his new “East Anglian Extras” EP, its lead single “I Wish You All the Best” has been become an instant fan favorite. Is this song a certified hit, or is it just another cash grab in today’s oversaturated market.

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Opening up, there is a soft instrumental which consists of a few high pitched keys. The beat builds up with a hard hitting drum pattern and soon, Lo G’s chilling vocals enter the listeners eardrums. He talks about his work ethic and everything which being a rapper has brought him so far. Hearing about a young artist’s aspirations is super refreshing as it reminds listeners of the simple things in life. After the super personal verse, the tone of the track starts to switch at about the halfway mark. There are even some quotable lines in this portion like “I’ve been grinding all night like I don’t got a bed”. The hook of the song is definitely well written as it is connected to the verse and powerful. After repeating the bridge, the instrumental slows down and gradually plays out.

In conclusion, “I Wish You All the Best” is a good starting piece for rap fans who want to dive into the underground U.K. scene. The production here was pretty intuitive, and Lo G’s lyrics were super heartfelt. My only real gripe with the track was that sometimes Lo’s vocals came off as plain and lifeless. Going forward, I cant wait to see were Lo G takes his talents in the future and if you are too be sure to follow @lo_g_mp3_

Rating: 6.9/10

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