Tech N9ne- “More Fear” Review

Tech N9ne- “More Fear” Review

Tech N9ne is a 48-year-old rapper who is an all time hip hop legend. For over 20 years, the Strange Music leader has been putting out quality albums. In April this year, he released his 22nd album “ENTERFEAR”. Due to all of the material he recorded during its creation, Tech decided to release a brand new companion EP titled “More Fear”. With seven new songs, will N9ne’s b-sides strengthen his goat case or flounder his legacy?

The energy of a killer who happens to have an elite pen game is the best way to describe Tech N9ne’s performance on the project. Opening up with the abrasive “ENTERFEARENCE (Intro 3)”, Tech brings listeners back to the world of horror he created. This is a perfect welcoming statement between the spine chilling hook and the aggressive verses that focus on mental instability. “Bitch Slap” continues to turn things up as the Kansas City MC teams up Corey Taylor, GreatDaeg, and Hopsin. Surprisingly, all the rappers hold their own with Tech, especially Hopsin, who arguably outplayed him. “I Don’t Give a Pho” is an example of the versatility Tech N9ne possesses as we see him switch from rapping to singing constantly. “Inside” is a refreshing change of pace as Tech delivers a politically aware verse about the detriment the Corona Virus pandemic has had on our society. One thing worth mentioning is that all of the singing from Krizz Kaliko is phenomenal as his majestic voice is engulfs the listener every time it appears. Ending the record, “Specter” shows a damaged Tech questioning certain events which have occurred throughout his career. Overall, Tech N9ne was able to show why he is one of the most talented hip hop artists in only five full-length songs.

Sonically, the dark metal-infused production gives “More Fear” a unique setting in today’s day and age. From the eerie “ENTERFEARENCE (Intro 3)” to the outro “Specter”, each instrumental feels like something out of a horror thriller. The aggression in the guitar and drums on “Bitch Slap” gives it the background it needed to be one of the hardest posse cuts we have seen this year. “Inside” was a standout as its soft instrumental should feel relaxing, but due to its drum pattern, it gives off a feel of suspense and tension. Even the skits, “The Heist” and “The Report” felt well placed as they added context while instilling the themes Tech was trying to get across. As a whole, the production on the EP continues to build the bridge between heavy metal and hip hop instrumentals.

In conclusion, “More Fear” is one of the best throwaway compilations I’ve seen in a while. In an industry where it has become increasingly popular to throw unused material at fans, it has caused the publication of a lot of botched and lousy music. My only real complaint with the EP is that it felt pretty similar to “ENTERFEAR”, yet it lacked the depth it had. Going forward, Tech N9ne has another one of these projects coming later this year, and I can’t wait to see the continuation of this one a kind universe he has been built.

Rating: 6.9/10

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