Big Sean feat. Nipsey Hussle- “Deep Reverence” Review

Big Sean feat. Nipsey Hussle- “Deep Reverence” Review

Big Sean is a 32-year-old rapper from Detroit, Michigan. After his criticized 2017 LPs, “I Decided” and “Double or Nothing” with Metro Boomin, he has been relatively quiet outside of a few singles and features. This year, Sean has announced a sequel to his critically acclaimed 2012 mixtape “Detroit”. In addition to learning the upcoming record’s September 4th release date, we have received a single titled “Deep Reverence”. With a guest appearance from the late Nipsey Hussle, will Big Sean be able to reclaim the respect of his dedicated fans?

Opening up the record their is a hard-hitting instrumental from the one and only Hit-Boy. As soon as the drums kick in, Nipsey Hussle delivers the opening verse. Switching between the topics of celebrity and street life, the fallen legend realizes that he doesn’t care what the public thinks about him as he is a legend in his hometown. With a full display of where his priorities lied, the verse feels heaven-sent yet painful when listening. After a small bridge which consists of Nipsey repeating the phrase “Fuck rap I’m a street legend”, Big Sean delivers his verse. Beginning his speech, Sean reminisces on a series of memories and lessons he has learned throughout his life. After this, he looks back on the Nipsey Hussle’s death and reveals that he reached out to Kendrick Lamar and cleared their issues as a result. Following this, Big Sean continues to dive into his inter thoughts as he counts his blessings and the improbable odds he overcame. There is a lot of information to cover here, and it is honestly one of the most introspective performances he has ever delivered. Closing out this very personal verse, the same hook repeats, and the instrumental plays out.

In conclusion, “Deep Reverence” was the perfect lead single for Big Sean’s upcoming album “Detroit 2”. Between the emotional Nipsey Hussle performance and the super reflective verse from Sean himself, there’s so much to absorb here. Tying things together, Hit-Boy’s production enabled the pair with the perfect soundtrack to express themselves on. With Hit-Boy and Kanye West as the executive producers, I think this only the beginning of the greatness we will see from Big Sean’s next full-length studio album.

Rating: 8.3/10

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