6ix9ine- “TattleTales” Review

6ix9ine- “TattleTales” Review

Infamous New York Rapper 6ix9ine has returned with his 3rd studio album, “Tattletales”. After a short and well-covered stint in prison, the game’s biggest rat is back with his attempt to reclaim his fame. Will the games most hated rapper be able to make a banger filled compilation, or will his losing streak continue with a massive critical and commercial failure?

Wow, let me start by saying that this record was not fun, and really, what else do you look for in a 6ix9ine album? Everything he has going for him revolves around his aggressive delivery and rowdy flow. Here 6ix9ine shows a significant decline in hit-making, with songs being more generic in every way possible. His raw abrasiveness is less memorable and less striking. His Spanish songs are very uninteresting, with its main attraction being that it’s not in English, which isn’t necessarily a quality in itself that makes for good music. Also, there sure is a lot of singing from 6ix9ine, which is painfully mediocre. I will give Tekashi some credit for two elements. Firstly, he shows slight versatility, which even though is bad, it’s a refreshing change from the same screaming we’ve become accustomed to. Second, he completely shocked me with the reflective the tracks “Locked Up Pt. 2”, and “GTL”. He’s no skilled lyricist, but he at least shows signs of humanity, speaking on regret for his actions, fear for his life, and the desire to see his daughter.

Production-wise, the record is a complete mess. Firstly, who signed off on the entirety of “GTL” being done from a prison phone? It’s hard to make out what he’s saying and just ruins the track in general. In fact, there are multiple songs with similar string sections, which happens to be one of the few elements I enjoy. “Leah” has some gross pop synths that attempt to fit in with a terrible attempt at a radio hit from 6ix9ine, while “NINI” attempts to mesh horribly placed and whiny horns with a Spanish aesthetic, resulting in a near-complete failure behind the boards. The only real success in my eyes in terms of potential hit songs is “Gata”, an exciting track that brings you back to the feel of the first days of 6ix9ine.

In conclusion, “TattleTales” is a complete joke and one of the worst records I’ve heard all year. Any chance Tekashi had at earning any respect back is now completely gone at the helms of this burning mess. Even though many have pledged to never talk about this guy again, us at FantasticHipHop.Blog felt it was only fair to give 6ix9ine a chance, but I don’t think he will ever be worth mentioning ever again.

Rating: 0.8/10

Written by: Gabriel Gibboni

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