AP YCM- “In My Head/ Out My Mind” Review

AP YCM- “In My Head/ Out My Mind” Review

With its recent surge of success due to the Griselda movement, Buffalo, New York, has become hip hops newest hotspot. While rappers like Conway the Machine, and Westside Gunn are known worldwide, the rest of the city is still waiting for its breakthrough. At the forefront of their spewing hot talent is the courageous AP YCM. Already having a fanbase of thousands and topping it off with a Benny the Butcher consign, this young artist’s groundbreaking Chrysalis project made him one of the most recognized talents in all of the area. Expanding on that, he looks to extend his reach with his brand new single In My Head/Out My Mind. With the intangibles for a career of greatness and prosperity in line, can AP YCM step up to the plate and deliver a hit record?

Being aware of today’s generation’s short attention span, the record clocks in at only 1 minute and 26 seconds, but it honestly feels longer. With its memorizing guitar riff that conveys all sorts of emotions, the sharp attention to detail is only a bonus behind the boards. Something new is growing at every corner, and it causes the sonic experience to hold the listener’s ears. Adding to the listener’s intoxication, AP YCM decides to tap into his harmonious side as he excretes the song’s name in a painful yet satisfying way. While being known for his multifacetedness, YCM stays strictly to his melodic side, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. Once the drums kick in, so do the drugs as YCM opens up about being a drug-addicted mess who tries cover his issues with his swagger and niche for attracting women. While these ideas have been beaten up in the past, YCM’s spin on these topics makes it truly interesting. With a smooth delivery and quick cadence, the track flows seamlessly. While being brief due to its running time, In My Head/Out My Mind does exactly what single should do. 

With another great statement behind his belt, AP YCM’s numbers and credibility are only growing. The emotional vulnerability he can show and digest to a mainstream audience is a remarkable trait that will sell him to this generation of rap fans. For those thinking he’s just a generic cloud rapper, you clearly haven’t checked him out as this is only one side to his versatile demeanor. Going forward, AP YCM surely has something huge in the works and once it drops, expect him to become the next chart-topping rapper!

Rating: 8.4/10

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

Scored and Edited by: Mr. Fantastic, owner and founder of Fantastic Hip Hop

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