Freddie Gibbs, Big Sean & Hit-Boy “4 Thangs” Review

Freddie Gibbs, Big Sean & Hit-Boy “4 Thangs” Review

Rappers Freddie Gibbs and Big Sean have teamed up with the scorching hot Hit-Boy for a brand new track titled “4 Thangs”. Coming together after some of the best critical and commercial reception of their entire careers, the trio looks to turn up just like LeBron James did when celebrating his fourth NBA championship earlier this month (hence the name). With three of the most buzzing names in the entire culture, can Gangsta Gibbs, Sean Don, and the hitmaking Hit-Boy create the next banger that defines the genre? 

Opening up to a facetime call where a female is dissing Gibb’s for his lack of commitment and care, there’s an immediate feeling that things are about to go down. While Hit-Boy has proven his ability to create intricate, multilayered beats on his work with Nas and Benny the Butcher, he keeps things simple here as he aims to make an instrumental digestible to listeners of all levels. Once the beat drops, the basic yet effective rhythmic pattern is spruced up by some standard trap drums. Adding to the energy, Sean and Freddie show their chemistry off the rip as they trade bars briefly. Following this up with a full-on verse from Gibbs, he shows the true gangster he is, with each bar being more lawless and unethical than the next. With witty one-liners about cocaine to some controversial jabs at the public, Freddie shows his ability to quickly tear up a verse and, more importantly, contribute to a hit. Keeping the tracks constant energy in motion, Big Sean comes in firing with some clever wordplay mainly revolving around sports dynasties. After bridging both sides of the law, Sean and Gibbs go bar for bar, making an intense grand finale. What sticks out most here is when Sean says, “million dollars million followers hoe that’s not the same” as it perfectly sums up the mogul’s driven mindsets. Closing the record, these two continue to barrage the listener, flexing in every way, shape, or form. What this single lacks in content is definitely made up for in substance and flare.

While “4 Thangs” isn’t as deep as Alfredo or as heartfelt as Detroit 2, it accomplishes its goal of making an accessible club hit perfectly. One takeaway here is that Freddie Gibbs and Big Sean have undeniable chemistry, bouncing off each other seamlessly. After all, these three have done this year, watching them triumphantly pop bottles feels like the perfect way to sail into the sunset. Going forward, I don’t think this song is going to lead into any full-length collaboration project, but as the commercial-friendly cut it is, it’s one of the years best. 

Rating: 7.6/10

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

Scored and edited by: Mr. Fantastic, owner and founder of Fantastic Hip Hop

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