WILCON- “Low Quality Music 4 High Quality People” (EP Review)

WILCON- “Low Quality Music 4 High Quality People” (EP Review)

WILCON is an upcoming rapper who’s been building a name for himself with singles like “HOPSKIPJUMP” and “TRAPS**T”. This month, he released his debut EP Low Quality Music 4 High Quality People, which is available on all major streaming services. With a chance at ascending into stardom, can WILCON create the hype he needs?

While these six songs are not folded into a conjoined story or intertwined with a mindboggling concept, Low Quality Music 4 High Quality People does an outstanding job at getting us to know and understand what makes WILCON so special. Off the rip “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen” sets the tone with its arrogant bravado, brilliant songwriting, and witty one-liners. On the topic of wordplay, WILCON’s ultimate skill seems to come in the form of his punchlines, which are genuinely some of the best I’ve heard in years. Bars like “if seeing is believing does Stevie Wonder believe in me”, sell you on the MC as they will stick in your head for hours. Expanding on this, “Full Charge” only raises the roof as his lyricism gets even more comically vulgar. Highlighted by the hook “your girl a six like the city of Raptors”, it’s both refreshing and integral to hear someone coming with such a satirical approach. Aside from what feels like hundreds of quotables embedded all over the record, cuts like “First Base” and “No Shrink” grow Con’s character as we learn of his past and everything that has gone into his musical journey. Moving into a more serious demeanor, the heart-wrenching “Lord” shows WIL is more than your average day wordsmith as he paints a picture of the corruption lingering in America. Ending things on the pivotal and powerful mental health anthem “I’m Out”, the New York rapper shows his ability to make a vocally pleasant but topically dark ballad. Between his undeniable swagger, fantastic wordplay, and artistic craftsmanship, WILCON proves he has a definite future going forward in the rap game.

There is a well put together soundtrack backing up each world behind the boards this young MC excretes. Whether it’s the organ on “Lord” or the piano on “Full Charge”, the instrumentals follow a similar formula of placing a traditional pattern at the start and then equipping it with trap drums as it progresses. While this gets the job done, there could have been more diversity as the songs would undoubtedly drag on if it wasn’t for their amusing vocal counterparts. When it comes to this soundscape’s intricacy, the various distortions of WIL’s vocals on songs like “First Base” are a testament to its greatness. Hearing someone play with their voice so mercifully is ultimately rewarding and entertaining. In all its profoundness, the definite sonic peak is “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen” as it transcends the listener with its ever-morphing glorious choir sample. Overall, there’s certainly room for improvement with WIL’s production skills, but what’s given is still better than what most could draw up on their best day.

In conclusion, Low Quality Music 4 High Quality People, is an above-average EP that will certainly traject a long career of prosperity for WILCON. Lyrically he’s super equipped, and his one of a kind rapping style is undeniable. While listening, I noticed a lot of WIL’s biggest tricks were plays on previous actions from the late Mac Miller, which excites me and makes me say any fan of his should check this prominent MC out. Going forward, WILCON already seems to be more than capable of competing in the big leagues as a rapper, so with some more direction and profuse sonic backing, I think he could truly achieve greatness. If you want to see what this gifted rapper does next follow @willcxn on Instagram!

Rating: 6.7/10


  • Insane wordplay
  • Resemblance to Mac Miller
  • Super fun to listen to
  • Fairly creative
  • Undeniable swagger/charisma in delivery


  • Instrumentals lack diversity
  • Some lines are a little corny

Written by: Mr. Fantastic

Scored and edited by: Mr. Fantastic founder and owner of Fantastic Hip Hop

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