“Undun”- The Story of Regret (Poem)

“Undun”- The Story of Regret (Poem)

The Roots classic album Undun turns nine years old today. In honor of its anniversary, we are presenting a special poem narrating the album’s true meaning and hidden messaging, enjoy!

Here lay the story of the dead
To this point, I have awakened every day, but today, I have gone to sleep for the last time
But I’ve been dead for years now
My life if luxury, it’s worth a life of poverty, and now I realize my true purpose, but all too late, karma enters as I did
I’ve risen to royalty, and now it rears it’s blank face, gazing with the full force of nothing into my being
Let’s forget the future, the star dances the night away as you run from my light
They abandoned the lighthouse, so in my perception of the dark, I only see that life is not mine. So if I must drown, so should you
I look up as I lose my breath, and sadness fills my heart
My first choice was my last
I’m sorry,

Written By: Gabriel Gibboni

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