MITCH FINE$$E- “Same Moon” & “SKULLTHIN” (Single Review)

MITCH FINE$$E- “Same Moon” & “SKULLTHIN” (Single Review)

In Buffalo’s ever-growing hip hop scene, MITCH FINE$$E is one of the hottest up and comers out. Last month, he released a music video to accompany a series of tracks, “Same Moon” and “SKULLTHIN”. With a chance at making a breakthrough hits with this visual experience, will Mitch seize the opportunity? 

Starting off with “Same Moon” the vibes are set off the rip from both the sunny visuals and the spacey instrumental. Utilizing his melodic side, MITCH FINE$$E slowly intoxicates the listener with his bars about his inner demons and struggles. While the sonic portion here is solid, the actual technicality in his lyrics feel a little lacking as the words being rhymed tend to feel pretty nursery. Still, what’s presented is more than enough to properly display the uncertainty and trouble that lies within the mind of Fine$$e which overall boosts his relatability. Closing out this song, we see Mitch painfully stare out into the sunset on the same baseball field he’s been standing on this whole time. In a silent moment that emphasizes the themes of torment and self-reflection, we reach an abrupt end. With a well-acted skit between a friend and Mitch himself, we see this overtop demeanor of his cocky friend lash out on Fine$$e, as he bashes him for lacking work ethic. Pushing him back into reality, we see Mitch reach the car as we are segwayed into this mini-movies second half and definite highpoint, “SKULLTHIN”.

As soon as Mitch enters the car, the plain spacey layering from the beginning chills into a tense and frightening instrumental. Building up the stakes with the dark cinematography of Fine$$e, others surrounding him in this basement, faces of uncertainty, and the heavy base, listeners brace themselves for something they are certainly not ready to handle. Coming to an intense beat drop, MITCH FINE$$E forefronts the style that is more likely to take him to superstardom as his deluded vocals ride against the heavy-hitting instrumental in order to create one of the scariest artistic expressions I’ve seen in a while. As Mitch’s flow slows down and his delivery settles in, the video takes a freaky turn with blood-like liquid being poured all over Mitch’s face. Between the chilling visuals, crescendo of uneasy and violent shots, the taste left in your mouth is memorably horrifying. 

Overall, MITCH FINE$$E takes another win for the Buffalo hip hop scene as he continues to show their versatility and willingness to be different. While the first track may be too bland for some, the second song is an absolute fear mongering banger with a beautifully put together video. With this entire journey being about five minutes, the tracks feel like a teaser to something that will lead to much more. Going forward, MITCH FINE$$E seems to possess the that all great up and comers do and I can’t wait for a full-length project from him. If you want to see what this gifted rising artist does next be sure to follow @mitch_finesse on Instagram!

Rating: 6.5/10

*Rating is based on the entire experience of the songs and videos as a whole

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