Mac Miller’s Discography Ranked

Mac Miller’s Discography Ranked

To celebrate the legendary Mac Miller’s 29th birthday, I’ve ranked his entire discography. Enjoy, we miss you, Mac!

10. Best Day Ever (2011)

Key Aspect: Reckless fun

Brief Summary: Hip hops hottest new act celebrates his recent success with this victory lap of bangers

9. Blue Slide Park (2011)

Key Aspect: Representing what matters most

Brief Summary: Mac puts his hometown on the map in this joyous celebration of his roots

8. K.I.D.S. (2010)

Key Aspect: Nostalgic fun

Brief Summary: The pinnacle of frat rap comes from Miller’s fondest teenage memories

7. Macadelic (2012)

Key Aspect: Bold sonic expansion

Brief Summary: Mac opens up his dark thoughts in this messy but compelling statement on addiction of all kinds

6. The Divine Feminine (2016)

Key Aspect: A vibrant analyzation of love

Brief Summary: Being deeply in love, Mac decides to explore its principles in this heartfelt journey of soul

5. GO:OD AM (2015)

Key Aspect: Chaotic/Complex fun

Brief Summary: Miller’s major label debut matures the themes of his early works while also adding layers of complexity

4. Circles (2020)

Key Aspect: Heavenly atmosphere

Brief Summary: We finally get closure on Miller’s tragic passing and in the most satisfying way possible

3. Watching Movies with the the Sound Off (2013)

Key Aspect: Refined sonic expansion

Brief Summary: A psychedelic journey detailed with personal ups and downs

2. Swimming (2018)

Key Aspect: Vulnerability

Brief Summary: What the ultimate price of addiction and depression can do to a man

1. Faces (2014)

Key Aspect: Versatility

Brief Summary: The perfect cohesive space for Mac to bridge his up beat past with his tragic future

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