Emreign- “Reflections” (EP Review)

Emreign- “Reflections” (EP Review)

Emreign is a rising artist from Buffalo, New York. Recently, she has released a brand new EP titled Reflections. With inspiration from an array of musical genres, will this prominent young artist be able to make a name for herself on her first ever major project?

As soon as you hear the chilling chords from the intro, “nothinglastsforever,” it’s clear you’re in for an experience like no other. Adding to this with chilling vocals that are pain-filled due to the strains of love and the trip that the color red brings, listeners are thrown into a mysterious world that leaves you craving for more. Filling the desire left in the opening, “sanity” is more accessible but just as conceptually challenging as its predecessor. Emreign utilizes a trap beat in order to drill into an unknown person’s heart and the aesthetic she goes for is truly like no other. We see her read through lies and overcome pain, and it ultimately develops her character and attaches us to her even more. After a start like this, the EP’s other three tracks have big shoes to fill, and to everyones, delight, “is it okay” only further develops this rapper/singer’s entire persona. Emreign’s vocals are exotic, and that’s what makes moments like these stick out from the rest of the competition. Topping her entire showing off with a well delivered fast-paced flow about wits from featured artist Sylas Yuma, this tripped out banger makes for one of the most critical moments on the entire extended play. With a heavy value on emotion, creativity, and vocal empowerment, Reflections first three tracks makes for one of the most solid setups I’ve heard in a while.

With the first half of the EP setting up for an epic finale, the hype is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, I don’t think Emreign hits as hard as she could of with these two, but the final product is still satisfactory nonetheless. “Don’t Trip” leaned on the more experimental side of the spectrum, and with its pulsing drums and translucent vocals, it makes for another vibey ballad but overall feels like it’s missing something. Ending things off with the “Let Go,” we receive another spaced-out anthem, which is aesthetically pleasing but yet again underwhelming at best. As a whole, the closing leg is undoubtedly fun to digest but overall will leaves you wanting more. 

In conclusion, Reflections is a good EP that serves as a significant entry point into Emreign’s prominent career. She’s super talented, and her ability to juggle styles is honestly breathtaking. In the future, if this Buffalo visionary can refine her talents and create a full body of work, I would expect her to be amongst the top of the charts soon. Be sure to follow @em.reign on Instagram to stay up to date with her progress!

Rating: 5.5/10


  • Amazing vocals
  • Atmosphere is amazing
  • Versatile and fairly creative


  • Style gets a little repetitive sometimes

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