Crazy1oftheday- “Too Much” (Single Review)

Crazy1oftheday- “Too Much” (Single Review)

Chicago’s Crazy1oftheday is back with a brand new single titled “Too Much”. After a 2020 that consisted of nothing but prosperity and growth, can this scorching hot up and comer build on his success?

Opening up the song, there’s a beautiful soul sample that will resonate with any fan listening. After hearing some audacious singing from Crazy, the main verse commences, and his lyrics and flow are great as usual. His presence is so dominant, and the lyrics revolving around insanity help convey the ideas of torture and tremor within his mind. Despite being only months away from the last time the Chicago’s MCs dropped, the amount of growth he’s shown in his melodic and technical abilities is mind-boggling. On the heartfelt bridge, the contour between Crazy’s powerful vocals and the chopped-up soul sample creates an amazing dynamic. Closing things out, Crazy1oftheday’s ending words builds on the previous verse masterfully as he vents about an array of issues plaguing him and pledges his loyalty to himself and the ones he cares about around him. After a reprise of the same hook that has connected the rest of the sections plays out, the glorious instrumental settles down until this transcending experience fades to silence. 

In conclusion, “Too Much” is another solid entry in the ever-growing catalog of Crazy1oftheday. The Chicago star has grown tremendously, and the way he keeps progressing and expanding his artistic arsenal is truly inspiring to watch playout. At this point, I think its time for an album from Crazy1oftheday and if your ready for one too be sure to follow @therealcrazy1oftheday on Instagram!

Rating: 7.0/10

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