Cordae- “Just Until” (EP Review)

Cordae- “Just Until” (EP Review)

After a near two-year absence, Cordae is back with a brand new EP titled Just Until. With four new songs and features from Q Tip and Young Thug, will this extended play show that the former YBN member has taken the next step forward in his artistic journey? 

With these tracks preluding his next album, I hope they’re just throwaways because Cordae’s taken a clear step back. These cuts aren’t bad by any means, but for the most part, are extremely bland due to their unoriginality. Between Q Tip’s melodically pleasing hook and Cordae’s humbly arrogant verse, “More Life” serves as a good opener, but as far as the following two tracks go, this project feels like your average piece of disposable hip hop in 2021. I don’t know if it’s the Maryland rappers singing voice, preliminary rhyme scheme, or the basic soul sample, but “Dream in Color” is one of the most boring songs in every facet of the word. When it comes to “Wassup,” this is realistically the worst Cordae track to date as he compromises his signature flair to make one of the most boring trap songs in recent memory. The chemistry with Thug is present, but even the Slime God himself can’t salvage this reck. Fortunately, the glorious closer “Thornton Street” shows Cordae at his peak. Over an angelic boom-bap beat, the 23-year-old reminisces on his troubled past, the hardships his mother faced, and his future goals and ambitions as a man. With this being the only moment that leaves me thoroughly impressed, I’m not worried about Cordae’s next project, I just hope he realizes compromising his character for commercial success is a formula almost always bound for disaster. 

In conclusion, Just Until is a mediocre EP that doesn’t do much outside of flashing, the skills that have gotten Cordae to where he’s at today. When it comes to the sound of this project, I think this was a testing point for the young MC as he wanted to see what entering the mainstream-centered lanes of hip hop would do for him success-wise. Going forward, I don’t think that Cordae’s next album will flop because of this, but the mediocrity here leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Rating: 5.0/10


  • When Cordae’s integral, it’s great
  • Improved storytelling seen on “Thornton Street”


  • Mainstream songs don’t work well and make Cordae sound super boring and uninspired
  • Compromised sound makes for a bland experience that doesn’t offer anything new or worth re-listening to

Written and Reviewed by: Mr. Fantastic, owner and founder of Fantastic Hip Hop

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