BT GOCRAZY- “Young & Turnt” (Single Review)

BT GOCRAZY- “Young & Turnt” (Single Review)

BT Gocrazy is a scorching hot rapper coming out of Conyers, Georgia. Ever since the release of his song “Young & Turnt,” he’s seen nothing but nonstop growth and success, which ultimately allowed him to open up for the legendary Jeezy in Florida recently. Today we’ll find out if this track is really worth the hype or if it’s just another generic banger in an oversaturated market.

BT really wastes no time establishing a tone for the record as the piano-infused instrumental creates the perfect sense of suspense for him to enter the track on. With some chilling vocals, a well-layered flow, and some standard songwriting revolving around themes of passion and pain, we learn what BT GOCRAZY stands for. While simple in structure, this is an ideal formula for a trap banger, and when executed properly (as it is here), we end up with quite a compelling product. The main thing that sets BT apart from other aspiring trappers is his charisma and energy. It’s not overbearing, but it’s slick and slithery, which makes for a combination reminiscent of something along with the likes of Gucci Mane. My favorite part of the entire record occurs at the beginning of the second verse, where Crazy drops the music and unleashes his full vocal flare in order to captivate this listener at a moment where everything else is absent. I do think the instrumental could have come back in smoother, but as a whole, this was an awesome moment and something that made me jump out of my seat for sure. Overall, “Young & Turnt” makes for a fun trap banger that serves as the perfect tone-setter for a concert or club but could use some more spice to be truly jaw-dropping. 

Overall, BT GOCRAZY has definitely lived up to the hype around his name, and I hope he only continues to draw in more attention as he expands on this success. His raw skill set is there, and I can see him being a huge part of this upcoming trap wave with a little more diversity and unpredictability in his sound. Going forward, BT GOCRAZY will be on my radar, and I suggest everyone else pays attention to him too.

Rating: 5.5/10

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