Jaytwon- “City of Fools” (Single Review)

Jaytwon- “City of Fools” (Single Review)

Jaytwon is an upcoming rapper from Toronto, Canada. Last Friday, he released a brand new single, “City of Fools”. With a chance at igniting the flame that he thinks will “inspire a generation,” can this prominent up and comer prove he has what it takes to back up his words?

While the vocal cadence and delivery on this track is quite impressive, I think “City of Fools” is quite underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, Jaytwon delivers a solid performance, and he shows his seamless flow, and intricately it bounces between words of the simple and complex demeanor, but the sole verse and fairly plain trap instrumental make the track feel more like a snippet if anything. Sometimes, a one-minute and 42-second song is more than enough to captivate an audience, but this really just feels like a tease of something that can be so much greater. 

As lackluster as this track is, I think there’s a lot of positives that can be drawn from it. Jaytwon indeed showed he has the potential to truly be great, and if he can culminate his skills into a more profound artistic lens, I think he can really be something special. The concept behind the song was also intriguing. There are many ways to take the line “City of Fools,” and while its execution was poor, it’s a thought-provoking idea that I’m sure Jay has more of. As a whole, this single may not be the takeover statement Jaytwon wanted it to be, but it’s a solid display of the raw talent this gifted artist has. 

Rating: 4.0/10

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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