Carter Lynne- “A City Of Gambling” (Album Review)

Carter Lynne- “A City Of Gambling” (Album Review)

Welcome to A City Of Gambling. If you’re brave enough to press play, be in store for an unruly experience that holds no remorse for your values. Upcoming producer Carter Lynne has made his first major release one to remember through his blissful soundtrack, astounding sample use, and array of energizing features. Each track is its own adventure, and the versatility displayed throughout is quite remarkable. Through the power of instrumental loops and climaxes, Carter keeps listeners on the edge of their seats with spontaneous moments that are all but predictable. From hard trap beats to angelic crescendos, the direction of this record rides through its soundscape. 

Lynne proves himself to be a master behind the boards through his fluent and stylistically drastic score. From the soulful saxophone dominant “High Roller” to the soul-cleansing keyboard ballad “Check Pt. 2”, every track offers something so different. What wows me the most is Carter’s ability to tell stories solely through the power of these sounds which, is a feat even some of the best producers can never achieve. 

What’s most impressive about the album is that it accomplishes all it does in a mere nine tracks and 24 minutes. In a time where consumers’ attention spans are at an all-time low, Carter really has no issue painting a complete picture in a fraction of the time it takes most other musicians. 

From a vocal standpoint, Carter Lynne’s guests certainly have talent, but their place and purpose aren’t always needed. On some occasions, the mixing feels off, and it ends up drowning out what the artists are trying to say and makes their presence virtually useless. Fortunately, this is an issue that is very fixable, but in the state the records in, it leaves the competent vocals feeling like a nonfactor at times. For features like DatNiccaTrendz and Zach Maxwell, their clear vocals add power to their respective songs and show Carter’s ability to collaborate with talented artists. Overall, between the mixing and selection, Carter Lynne can improve in this area, but that will grow with time. 

In an era where many producers are taking the easy way out, Carter Lynne shows what it means to be a brilliant producer throughout A City Of Gambling. In such little time, there’s so much sonic showmanship, it really feels like we’re witnessing hours’ worth of creations. Going forward, if Carter Lynne can keep working and expanding his catalog, I’d expect to become a big name in hip hop sooner than later. 

Rating: 7.0/10


  • Great soundscape
  • Cohesive trackflow
  • Versatile score


  • Poor mixing
  • Features don’t always fit

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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