Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak- “An Evening with Silk Sonic” (Album Review)

Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak- “An Evening with Silk Sonic” (Album Review)

Bringing back the soul and funk that’s been missing from music for decades at this point, Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars have managed to show their artistic excellence in a brand new way on their collaborative effort, An Evening with Silk Sonic

Through nine tracks dazzled with glamor and funk, the two musical heavyweights bounce off on one another so seamlessly as they capture the best of the 70s soul and disco era and put their own twist on it. The brief opener, “Silk Sonic Intro,” lets you know what to expect going forward through its smooth background instrumental and spoken word interlude from funk icon Bootsy Collins. After receiving this powerful cosign from one of the era’s most prominent figures, Paak and Mars hold nothing back, displaying their vast vocal ranges over scores that are so raw and organic yet so pure and bright. Serving as the first full-length song, the album’s chart-topping single “Leave The Door Open”s shows the bliss and grace both singers possess while singing over such serenading beats. Showing they can also get their hands dirty, “Fly As Me” compromises the sappiness of the previous tracks and turns up the funk as Paak and Mars loath over themselves and attempt to find a partner for the night who is just as good as them. 

The sonic bravery Paak, Mars, and the projects leading producer D’Miles take as they further expand this glorious spectacular pays off 100 percent of the time and culminates together for a dignified masterwork. “After Last Night” with Thundercat and Bootsy Collins is a beautiful ballad due to its encompassing of the perfect musical storm between both artists, transcending vocals mixed with the horn lines, guitar riffs, and the synthesizers psychadelicness. The chemistry between Bruno and Anderson comes so seamlessly, and through the duration of the lp, they only understand each other’s strengths even more. Between their topically consistent and stylistically cohesive performances, these two show themselves to be two of the most well-fitted collaborators in a very long time. From the banter-filled hook on “Smoking Out The Window” to the interconnected conversational bridges seen later on the track, these two visionaries play to each other masterfully. 

In their mission to capture the full effect of the 70s soul era, the climatic “Put On A Smile” fulfills by creating a teary-eyed void through heartbroken lyrics and a profuse score filled with exuberance and drama. Quickly pushing their characters out to the max, “777” shows off some of some of Bruno’s most firey and testing singing while Pac goes in a more subtle direction which makes for a genius combination over the muddy chord line and percussional storm. Gearing up for a thrilling finale, the record’s second single, “Skate,” gets uplifted due to the projects surrounding context, and the ninth and final song, “Blast Off,” rightfully closes the curtain on the performative like atmosphere breathed throughout the entire project. Ending with Bruno and Paak relaxing themselves in such a serenading atmosphere, this dreamlike lp concludes itself living up to every spec of hype it received since its announcement earlier this year. 

Overall, the soulful ambiance and lustful environment created within An Evening with Silk Sonic makes for both one of the most enjoyable and impressive musical experiences I have heard in the past few years. From the homage paid to the 70s soul era to the amazing performances from both Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, every single minute of this nine-track experience is absolutely genius. Going forward, I’m not sure what’s next for Mars and Paak as a duo, but whatever they do together or on their own, I would expect to be nothing less than excellent. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Tracklist Ranked: 

  1. Put On A Smile
  2. After Last Night
  3. Leave The Door Open
  4. Fly As Me
  5. Blast Off
  6. Skate
  7. 777
  8. Smokin Out The Window
  9. Silk Sonic Intro

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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