DON’T MISS- “Black Boy Joy” (Single Review)

DON’T MISS- “Black Boy Joy” (Single Review)

Serving as one of the three singles from their major launch, the prominent upcoming duo DON’T MISS has continued to show their worth but in a much more significant light on “Black Boy Joy.”

Through an instrumental that is much more emotional and intimate with its pulsing drums and minimal coating, Nast E. Beats sets up the perfect environment for R. Davis to spit some free-flowing, potent bars about African American empowerment and pride. Through lines like “black is the brightest color,” Davis’s illusive wordplay and intellectual depth are on full display as he inspires listeners with bars showing love for his race and himself. Listening to such a joyous yet deeply layered monologue from the Howard student, it’s impossible not to smile due to the song’s overwhelming positivity. While other moments in his early catalog focus on expanding his skills as an artist, Davis focuses on expanding his reach as not just an artist but as a philosopher, and it certainly pays off here. As Davis’s verse builds up in both his emotion and topicality, the instrumental progression follows suit with some warping synths, which add an overall more vibrant aroma for a very beautiful finale. Ultimately closing the song with a hook that pays homage to Kanye’s “School Spirit” and then the additional insertion of various voices spreading messages about self-love, this track is an embodiment of everything that makes conscious hip hop so beloved.

Overall, “Black Boy Joy” is a perfect single to include in the welcoming party for DON’T MISS. After just proving how fun and chaotic they can be on one song, they come right back with a track that’s so powerful and yet doesn’t fall off in terms of musical quality one bit. Nast. E Beats and R. Davis both understand their roles here so well, and if they can throw food for thought anthems like this to layer their more charismatic and destructive moments, they will have perfectly rounded themselves out as artists. At this point, we are 2/3 songs into DON’T MISS’s initial launch of singles, and if they keep up this level of quality, the rap game should be scared.

Rating: 8.0/10

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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