DON’T MISS- “Manifest” (Single Review)

DON’T MISS- “Manifest” (Single Review)

With the third and final single in their welcoming statement to the world, “Manifest” continues to show that DON’T MISS is here to stay.

This three-minute storm of swag and tenacity may not be as lyrically potent as “Cigarettes” or as profound as “Black Boy Joy,” but the cut is an excellent showing of just how intense DON’T MISS can get. R. Davis’s vocals are unforgiving, and with his cutthroat bars, he’s as frighteningly entertaining as ever. On the production side of the spectrum, the fiesty vocal sample and clapping drums made from the hands of Nast E. Beats perfectly complement Davis and his every step. The tenacity and bravado in Davis’s voice is so charming, and with such a memorable hook to top off his fantastic performance, the young mc shows he can stick in your head hours after listening. Overall, if “Cigarettes” established their character and “Black Boy Joy” solidified their conscious side, “Manifest” brings out Don’t Miss’s hitmaking ability in its rawest form.  

With all three of their singles encompassing a different side of their artistic arsenal, DON’T MISS has asserted themselves as something special in the underground. With the tandem of R. Davis and Nast E. Beats announcing their first full-length album set for February 25th of this year, it seems we will only be seeing them appear in more and more headlines in the months to come. 

Rating: 3.5/5

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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