ChefCookingUp Welcomes Listeners Back To His World On “In Control”

ChefCookingUp Welcomes Listeners Back To His World On “In Control”

Upcoming rapper ChefCookingUp’s newest single, “In Control,” is a storm of swag and skill that any hip-hop fan will appreciate. 

Being his first song released since his 2021 mixtape, The Ride Chef has had so much time to develop and grow and from his technical control and well-written witty lyrics, he proves he has done everything to prove as an mc. Chef really upholds his name here as it truly does feel like we are watching a prominent young artist take the right steps forward to craft his vision to perfection. From the glamorous instrumental, which meshes so well with Chef’s voice to the track’s message, which fills listeners up on where Chef has been, the young mc shows he’s wise through all of his lyrical bragging and boasting. While Chef’s delivery can feel a little too plain and lifeless in certain portions of the track, the constant fire in his pen game keeps things always full of energy. Some of the narrative tangents this young mc goes down on this track are so inspiring, especially towards the single’s tail end where Chef mentions a falling out with his friends, which has only inspired him to work harder because “success is the best revenee” as he puts it. 

For anyone craving fun and boisterous lyrical rap that has memorizing hints of depth and passion, “In Control” is the song for you. Aside from his occasional delivery, which just feels way too faint in certain places, Chef has certainly found his footing as a writer and vocalist, and if he can keep building and improving on these skills, he’s bound to make a name for himself and become something truly special. To stay up to date with ChefCookingUp, be sure to follow him on Instagram @chefcookingup.

Rating: 3/5 

Check out the video for “In Control” below:

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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