Mxtthew Txylor- “Situations/In The Rain” Review

Mxtthew Txylor- “Situations/In The Rain” Review

Mxtthew Txylor, formerly known as K!d Hype’s, song “Situations/In the Rain” is a sonically beautiful moment that comes out of sheer pain and failure. 

Through the five-minute-long experience, the upcoming rapper puts his skillset on the full-throttle through both the beautifully sung melodic sections and the heartfelt verses. The soft piano instrumental conveys the dark direction the track aims to go in from the start, and Hype’s pain-filled writing contributes to this idea, building on it in great detail. We hear about the things that truly haunt this young artist, and while he isn’t reinventing the wheel through is writing, his emotions blare through greater than most. While his pen lacks the technical depth of other MCs, his direction is clear and to the point, and with such in-your-face storytelling, he comes off being straight to the point in a good way. 

In the second half of the track, the song becomes much greater with increased drama in the beat and emotion in the vocals. The singing is more powerful, and so are Hype’s words which hit like hard daggers meshing with the instrumental seamlessly. From the raw anger to the background vocals that mirror his words, this entire moment is something to take in. This section of the track will truly test listeners’ emotions through the various trials and tribulations K!d Hype narrates us through. Closing this song out, there is a beautiful instrumental close in the last 10 seconds that captivates on all of the buildup throughout the entire song, leaving listeners with an understanding of Hype’s pain but also giving them a sense of resolve. Overall, this is a great moment that shows everything to know about K!d Hype. 

All in all, “Sitatuions/In the Rain” is a great single that proves how good K!d Hype can be. While he has ways to improve this track is already better than most songs released in this day and age. If he can continue to put this much thought with a little more creativity into his music, we will see this artist’s name coming up for a long time. Be sure to check out this artist because I truly believe he has something way greater to contribute to this genre we call hip hop. 

Rating: 4/5

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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