Press Mute- “My Garage” Review

Press Mute- “My Garage” Review

Upcoming rapper Press Mute’s debut, My Garage, is an inspiring glimpse into the world of a one-of-a-kind rapper. Through well-coated instrumentals and a writing style that’s super unique, Mute proves he has a bright future in the rap game despite the growing pains he faces here. 

Through the project’s nine tracks and 27 minutes, we learn everything we need to know about Press Mute. From where he creates his music to what motivates him to rap, he is clear about so much. The project’s first three songs, “My Garage,” “W.A.I.T.,” and “Bank,” showcase this at their height, with the album’s opening moments do everything to establish who Press Mute is. The streaks of dark emotions in these tracks are super powerful and tend to be some of the most challenging moments on the entire lp. 

On the contrary, Press Mute’s rapping ability feels way too static and direct for a lot of these feelings to resonate on an emotional level. It feels like he is mimicking the style seen throughout tracks in early 1980s rap songs, which is purely outdated at this point. This isn’t always a problem as the song “Need”s first verse sounds much more elusive and powerful as a result. Countering this good moment, we can tell Mute is still finding his signature style with the cuts second verse going off the rails in this regard. 

While musically, there is so much wrong with this project, it’s not a bad thing as it’s clear this lp is a big experiment from Press Mute. From dabbling into singing to trying to rap in various pockets, these attempts at finding himself seem like they will payout in the long run with his blaring hunger. 

The album’s clear standout is the song “Bus Stop.” It’s an honest anthem about the dynamic between being treated like nothing and everything by different groups of people. It’s a cut that shows how confusing it is growing up as an adolescent. His anger with the trauma he experienced from peers at school has never left Press Mute, and despite the pain it caused him, these troubles have given him the outlook to be able to do something special with his life. While some moments may leave you wondering how capable Press Mute is, this track shows just how gifted he is. 

The record’s final four tracks are definitely better than the opening legs, with cuts that have a much stronger identity topically and sonically. The song “Fly Away” shows Press Mute’s knowledge about the world and his outlook on his own life and how that stacks up to the rest of the world’s competitive climate. “Grizzly” is another heartbreaking moment that showcases Mute talking with a passed relative. Hearing him at his lowest and conversing with this person who holds so much significance is powerful and something anyone who misses a family member or loved one can find comfort in. After the “Coffee Shop Interlude,” the track “I Bet it’s Cold In Chicago” brings things to a close on a bittersweet note with singing from Press Mute throughout the entire cut. While his vocal ability is not as refined here, it gets the job done and ends the chapter on this era of his career and life.

All in all, My Garage may be very rough around the edges, but it has enough passion and character to sell on Press Mute as an artist. He has so much to talk about as an artist, and if he can find a more comfortable rapping style, he may be able to change the world with his expenses. All in all, I loved the heart throughout this lp, and I cant wait to see how Press Mute will grow from here. 

Rating: 4.4/10 

Written By: Mr. Fantastic

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