Gatsby- “Quake Sauce” Review

Gatsby- “Quake Sauce” Review

Welcome to Quake Sauce, an album from upcoming rapper Gatsby. Throughout the projects, nine songs that span over half an hour, the prominent young MC showcases just how talented he is.

The first half of the LP is comprised of soulful and vibrant instrumentals, and these allow for Gatsby to lay out his versatile skillset for the entire world to see. Whether he is rapping, singing, or doing something in between, Gatsby has such control over his talents, which is reflected through the bright opening and the challenging second half.

Gatsby’s writing style is so intriguing. He throws out jab after jab, and his bars build up into a bigger and bigger narrative as the track progresses. This is especially seen on the powerful “Sunset” through its tale that revolves around Gatsby’s life mission.

The song “Elevate” is a definite highlight in the tracklist in both its sonic coating and lyrical showing. Gatsby is unraveling some of his darkest thoughts regarding a story that changed his life, all while there is a haunting soul sample looping in the background. Between the sample, drums, and Gatsby’s MC skills, this is a track hip hop listeners of all creeds will find enjoyment in. “All I Ever Wanted” is another phenomenal moment with its spine-tingling instrumental and wretched vocals from Gatsby. Everything is so well layered, from his crisp vocals to the clapping drums. The vocal inflections from Gatsby are definitely the ultimate strongpoint as the various harmonies he taps into perfectly complement the emotion of what words are coming out of his mouth at the time. If you didn’t believe in Gatsby’s versatility before, “All I Ever Wanted” should put all of your dough to rest. This song excels in every category needed to make not just a great song but an unforgettable moment. 

With the tone becoming darker and darker, the track “Drug Abuse” continues to heighten the stakes of the previous track. Over boom-bap drums and an eerie keyboard loop, Gatsby goes into the ever intoxicating cycle that is a life of trouble and confusion. From talking about his own talents to how substance abuse has held him back, this song gets across just how much pain drugs in a pretty powerful manner. 

“Element” shifts the tone in a more positive direction, with Gatsby talking about everything that’s got him to the point he is at today and what makes him special. He lays out his aspirations here and shows just how hungry he is. It’s quite inspiring to hear all of this laid out, and through the charming delivery which he has mastered at this point in the record, it’s nearly impossible not to root for the hungry MC at this point.

Entering the album’s closing leg, the song “Honestly” shows Gatsby having loads of fun, mastering how to rap consciously and balancing these lines through memorable vocal inflections. This moment isn’t as deep as the rest of the project, but it doesn’t have to be. Gatsby is entertaining the listener, and you can really see how comfortable he is becoming as a full-fledged artist at this point. It is one thing to have these skills, but to be able to fuse them into a product that sounds good is an achievement many fail to reach. “Wake Up” continues to show these same exact factors take over. 

The song “No Dreams” ties Quake Sauce up with a rewarding conclusion. Gatsby begins to unwind after revealing so much about himself on this project but gives us one more heart to heart with some of his most reflective and powerful thoughts. Gatsby does so much to give closure to everything we heard on this project but leaves us also wanting more. Overall a great end to a great project. Going forward, Gatsby is on my radar, and I’m ready to see what he will be dropping next. He has proven himself to be so rounded and passionate, and if he can continue to improve and innovate on these skills, the rap game is in trouble.

Rating: 7.0/10

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