Ransom- “No Rest For the Wicked” Review

Ransom- “No Rest For the Wicked” Review

Ransom’s No Rest For the Wicked showcases the next major step in the scorching hot MCs career. The revered rapper is no longer just an MC who has top-notch lyrical talent as he shows himself to be an artist who has many complexities throughout this 39-minute experience. The 41-year-old’s demeanor is still ruthless, but he goes far beyond his expected range of topics. He talks about his family, his feelings, and gives so much insight into his life on the streets, in the music business, and as a man. It’s this level of introspective lyricism that makes this Ransom’s most personal project by a long shot. Adding to this one-of-a-kind feel, the album features amazing production handled by heavyweights including Nicholas Craven, Streezy, and a few talented others. Each track ends up being an adventure in its own regard with beautiful sonic layering filled with drum patterns that are layered with memorable soul and vocal samples. Ransom uses these beats to his advantage having everyone play perfectly to the tone he is setting. Between the conscious lyricism, gangsta demeanor, and soulful production, Ransom’s No Rest For the Wicked is easily one of the best albums that have dropped this year.

Rating: 7.9/10

Tracklist Ranked: 

  1. Imperial Glaciers
  2. Redemption
  3. Compromised
  4. Circumstances
  5. Makin It
  6. Overnight Success
  7. Rituals
  8. Beautiful Gravesites
  9. The Hawk
  10. The Gambler
  11. Captions

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