Zen Dash’s Song “Dali Lama” Shows Us Why He Is Here To Stay In The Rap Game

Zen Dash’s Song “Dali Lama” Shows Us Why He Is Here To Stay In The Rap Game

On the song “Dali Lama,” rising artist Zen Dash shows he has a great ear for beats and a fierce demeanor that is familiar yet refreshing.

In just under three minutes, Zen Dash delivers a fierce show filled with lyrical jabs and his blistering charisma. He talks about tough his demeanor is and spits a series of bars that tell us who he is and what his motives as a man and an artist is. Hearing his relentless passion shows his will to succeed and the clinic he puts on rapping over such a one of a kind beat showcases Zen’s ability to think out of the box. On the point of the songs instrumental, it is the glue to the tracks success. The beat manages to be that soulful, abrasive, and forward thinking all at once. These factors culminate to create a futuristic sonic coating. Producer allthesmokey really did something special with this beat. The way Zen Dash’s vocals play alongside this intoxicating soundscape is a testament to his strengths. He’s able to project his words so fiercely. You don’t just hear what he says, his hunger makes you root for his dreams to become a reality. While a track that is simply used to brag and boast can usually have quite a low ceiling, “Dali Lama” manages to perfect this formula.

Just listening to this single track, you can tell Zen Dash is going to special. He’s will to reinvent the wheel and excite is on full display and hearing him push a simple formula so far makes you wonder how vast his artistic range truly is. Fortunately, Zen Dash already has a decent sized catalog with loads of work to unravel. Fantastic Hip Hop will be going deeper into his catalog shortly but for the time being, be sure to support and fully unpack everything “Dali Lama” holds.

Rating: 4/5

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