Jack London Is Raps Next Big Thing, Find Out Why

Rising artist may be 19 years old, but his musical inspirations span far beyond his generation. He cites Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Elvis Presley as some of his biggest influences which can be seen in his music. Take his new song, “Flippin Packs”, it embodies the core elements of trap musics roots, but it has a level of showmanship to it that makes the cut so dynamic. Both Jack London and featured guest Montae have such distinct vocal styles, it makes them stand out from the rest of their competition. Similar to the presence that such skilled vocalists as Young Thug offers throughout his revered catalog, London’s range in pockets and tones give him a wide appeal to an array of music listeners.

Below are Jack London songs that highlight various aspects of this skillset:

Serving as his newest track, “Flippin Packs” is an in your face party anthem that can be enjoyed at any function. London is full of energy here and he shows his ability to create mayhem with other talented artists in the form of Montae here. Definitely throw this song on your party playlist if your trying to have a good time. 

Focusing on a love of the past, “Daizy” shows the emotional side of London in a pretty captivating way. He his able to stretch out his voice here and create such powerful inflections. Between this vocal intensity and the sappy instrumental, it’s no wonder why this is London’s most streamed song to this point.

“Kay-Jay-Jay” highlights both the playful and dedicated sides of Jack London. This entire cut is filled with funny one liners and clever writing but the production and Jack’s own vocals convict such power in the experience. 

Jack London’s Summer Mission:

With songs like “Flippin Packs” being icing on the cake, Jack London has decided to release a song almost every single day this summer until he blows up. This is a great move as its not only feeding his ever-growing fanbase, but it is also increasing his chances of reaching the masses more and more. Songs like “Buff,” “I Got You,” and “Deliria” are setting London into a place where we are able to see his creativity and high work ethic to new levels. 

To listen to these songs and other gems, check out London’s Soundcloud and be sure to give it a follow so you can stay up to date with his upcoming releases

What’s Next For Jack London?

The way it’s going, it seems like it’s just a matter of time until Jack London makes it big. He’s growing his fanbase more and more, and his work ethic puts him above others in his lane. He has a clear talent for making music as he’s able to fuse a very popular sound with his own twist and inspiration. Seeing a young artist this charismatic excites me and makes me stoked for what his future may hold.

Another reason I attribute for London’s success to this point is his own self confidence. In a world and an industry filled with doubt and negativity, London understands his worth and will do anything to push this across to others. Every song he releases knows will make an impact on listeners and every goal he sets he knows he can accomplish. It’s one thing to work like the greats, and have the talent of one, but to have the mindset that you are special is something that nobody can ever take away from you.

Keep Jack London on your radar and be sure to follow him on Spotify to see what his next major project will be:

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