DON’T MISS- “July’22” Review

DON’T MISS- “July’22” Review

After the success of their album LOOSIES, the brilliant upcoming duo of R. Davis and Nast E. Beats have given us the track “July’22.”

With a lowkey instrumental that features some hard-hitting drums, Rashad Davis lets us into the next chapter of his artistic journey with a verse that is pretty dark. As soon as Rashad says the words rip the stitches of my bleeding heart, it’s clear Rashad is putting his all into this track, and his fatigued delivery embodies this emotional pain. Rashad’s flow glides so smoothly over this minimalistic beat, and with lines like “All we wanted was a voice, and all she wanted was choice, they left her body to a vote,” we see the young mc using his platform to fight for what is right. 

The way Rashad is able to raise the tenacity within his voice while also keeping intact the delivery that is holding the atmosphere of the song together is quite impressive. Throughout the duration of this song, things get more intense, and we can see this through the conviction of R. Davis’s vocals which heighten the stakes of the moment, along with Nast E. Beats’ production and its haunting background vocals. These factors steer us into a grand storm of emotions and buildup, and before we can even reach the two-minute mark, the song concludes.

Overall, “July’22” is another impressive showcase from one of the hottest upcoming duos in hip hop right now. R. Davis and Nast E. Beats continue to flesh out their artistic skill tree and use their platform to heal themselves and bring healing to the world. As we wait for R. Davis and Nast E. Beats’ next major effort, these singles are a perfect way to keep fans satisfied in the meantime.

Rating: 4/5

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