Rising Artist Spotlight: Mxtthew Txylor

Rising Artist Spotlight: Mxtthew Txylor

Meet Mxtthew Txylor,

Formerly known as K1d Hype, Mxtthew Txylor young artist has been pouring his blood, sweat, and tears into his music to connect with listeners in ways they have never felt. 

Taylor is relentless when it comes to his musical performances. He is respects hip hop’s past yet is also pushing forward its future. In every sense of the word, he is not afraid to try new things, and it has made his work to this point filled with breathtaking risks. 

These risks are what make his material sound like a hybrid of different hip hop’s different eras. Many of Mxtthew Txloyr’s best moments come from his songs that feature autotuned vocal inflections yet also detailed lyrical exercises. Between the opposite styles natural match to the layered and unique strong structuring this creative formula allows, Txylor’s music truly feels like a musical playground. 

Many times when an artist tries to spread themselves into both a melodic and lyrical lane, they tend to stutter step in some regard, but this is not an issue for Taylor. This duality actually does quite the opposite which is especially reflected on his album Cruel Seasons.

On top of his abilities as a vocalist, Txlor’s production choices add a whole other level to the excitement in his music. Most of the young artist’s production choices tend to lean on the more psychedelic and spacey side of the spectrum, but it hardly gets redundant. His high-pitched vocals and emotional torment synch into these beats so well, and a lot of his songs will you give your ears the impression that you are transcending worlds. 

With only two major projects under his belt, the fact that Mxtthew Txylor already has so many strong points is truly amazing. He offers so much, and his skills have already blossomed out enough to make him engaging to anyone looking for something new. When pinning a comparison on Txylor it is hard to say he is like one artist, but if you are a fan of names like Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd or XXXTentacion you will definitely enjoyment in Mxtthew Txylor. 

Key Strengths:

  • Between his lyrical and vocal abilities, Mxtthew Txylor offers the complete package as an artist in today’s industry
  • Psyhdeladic production will shift you into another world
  • The emotion lingering within his vocals and writing are felt in nearly every second of his material and this allows for listeners to feel his conflicts
  • Between hard-hitting bars and autotuned hooks, Txylor creates some of the most unique musical envirometns
  • Can make anthems that are sad and heartfelt while also being able to make tracks that are energetic and filled with rage

Cruel Seasons Review:

All of Mxtthew Txylor’s skills are reflected in his album, Cruel Seasons. From top to bottom, this album is a 57-minute ride that will have you entertained from start to finish. Whether Txylor is rapping or singing, the musical world-building on this project is fantastic, and he proves he can captivate an audience with all of his one-of-a-kind traits. The blend of emotions this record is able to embody while managing to say within the same tone is astonishing. From a track like the soft and mellow reflection of “after paradise” to the crazed banger of “New Face,” Txylor’s artistic range is on full display for us to be wowed at. The entire flow of this album is laid out so well, and as the record progresses, we learn more and more about Txylor as a man. The otherwordly production is truly a work of art here and with all Mxtthew Txylor pours into this record, Cruel Seasons really shows us why this young artist is so special. 

I Get Nightmares, Hope You Understand Review:

While not as refined both vocally and sonically as Cruel Seasons, xatthew Txylor’s debut project is an effort that is filled with moments that showcase the potential of what can become a great artist. As soon as you hear the intro track “Say What You Feel/Sessions,” you can hear how comfortable Txylor is behind a microphone as he unleashes his heart out to prove to listeners why we should give him the time of day. It’s this same spirit throughout this record that keeps things exciting even when certain moments come off as dull or misguided. Txylor is cleary still developing his signature sound and style here, and between this and the muddied mixing, it allows for us to appreciate how big of a jump he took on Cruel Seasons. Still, this is not a disrespect to this project as Txylor’s lyrical sections here are still super well written, and you can hear the same desire behind his voice despite the full presentation not being there. Overall, I Get Nightmares, Hope You Understand is a solid starting point for every artist, and while in comparison to Txylor’s follow-up album it lacks, this record is still something better than most artists could ever dream of. 

Essential Songs:

“Situations/In the Rain”

Reason: Txylor’s best-produced song to date, Stunning vocal display, Shows the beauty in Txylor’s melodic and lyrical hybrid style

“dead in my eyes”

Reason: Amazing hook, glitchy production, Txylor’s ability to play with his voice is so fun to witness 

“devil inna backseat”

Reasons: Glossy production, Emotion

“Lost Soul”

Reason: Charming production, heartfelt verses, and blend of passionate singing and melodic rap


Reason: Guitar-infused instrumental and hard-hitting lyrical passages


Reason: Angelic atmosphere, raw delivery, personal lyrics that bring us closer to Txylor as a figure

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