D.R- “Gone” Review

Upcoming rapper D.R has given us a defining welcoming statement to his career with the track “Gone.”

In just a little over three minutes, the rising mc pens his heart out for us to see as he raps over an ascending soul sample beat. Each bar on this track adds a new layer to D.R’s psyche, and hearing him rap about his aspirations to blow up and change his life through his ambitions to create music is quite inspiring.

While many tracks from upcoming hip-hop artists manage to excite us lyrically, most fail to capture the essence of the moment in terms of musicality, but this is not a problem for D.R. The instrumental of the track builds up alongside his emotions, and hearing the beat rise under and over his monologue adds emphasis to each idea he is excreting.

No moment is better defined by this than the mark 55-second mark on the track where D.R’s emotions reach a high, and this happens the instrumental reaches a crescendo where we can take all of the tension of the track in. The way the glossy strings and the powerful drums project through this bridge is true musical beauty and D.R gives his all to this section of the track showing us as listeners why we should care about his story.

In the second half of the track, D.R’s confidence continues to rise, but he is still conflicted through lines like “they always trust the process but its kind of hard when you can’t see the progress.” Even with uncertainties like these, the young mc continues to push through the self-doubt, understanding that through perseverance, great things can happen.

On the song’s second bridge, emotions rise even more, with D.R’s vocals being more intoxicating and raw over the same instrumental crescendo we saw on the track’s first hook. From here, D.R puts us inside of an intoxicating outro where he captures the soul of the track, leaving us with the question of what is next for the young artist.

Overall, “Gone” is a fantastic welcoming statement to the world of D.R, and it really does have me invested in what’s next for the upcoming mc. If he keeps his sound and original and keeps finding creative and unique ways to display his emotion, he can last in hip-hop for a very long time.

Stream the song below:

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