Rising Artist Overview: Rampage Wood

Rising Artist Overview: Rampage Wood

Meet Rampage Wood a rising artist who’s been elevating his craft with each new project he releases. Today we will be taking an in-depth look at Rampage Wood’s career to this point looking at the skills which separates him from the rest of the music world, his best songs, and his discography in-depth.

What Makes Rampage Wood Special:

Commanding Presence: From his debut record Nature Boy to its recent sequel, one of Rampage Wood’s best qualities as an artist is his commanding presence which ensures listeners will give their attention. Whether he is asserting his dominance over the competition or telling a personal tale about his life, Rampage Wood makes all ears turn to his confident presence, and this makes there never a dull moment throughout his entire catalog.

Lyrical Skill & Storytelling: With each project Rampage Wood has released, he’s become a better lyricist and writer. Whether rapping over intense trap beats or within fine-tuned jazzy soundscapes, Wood’s lyrical ability is always being used to fit the feel of the respective track in the best way he possibly can. The way the young MC has been able to show so much skill through both these fiery bangers and especially in the introspective reflections we see on later projects like Nature Boy 2, he’s truly one of the most unique and entertaining writers in the underground right now.

Passion: Bringing these two traits together, the passion behind Rampage Wood’s performance glues together his entire catalog with the will to be great. No matter what song you turn on in his catalog, there is a fire lit under Rampage, and this allows for the music to resonate with listeners in ways that most artists don’t have enough heart behind the craft to match.

Essential Songs:

BIA- Rampage Wood’s most recent song is a fiery anthem whose energy can motivate you through any challenge you may face!

Affirmations– Serving as Rampage Wood’s most popular track, Affirmation’s is a flashy trap banger which makes for a fun track for a workout or party and despite the songs commercial coating, it’s an even more powerful moment as Rampage’s heart shines brighter than anything else in this track.

BIG TIME– With it’s message about enduring through the difficulties of life, “BIG TIME” sets the perfect stage for a great and conscious anthem. Rampage’s performance here. is both topically rich but also emotionally powerful with the sheer passion he shows when it comes to tackling themes such as racism and perseverance.

Cry No Tears– Between Rampage’s ghostly flow and the tracks dream-like atmosphere, “Cry No Tears” is one of Rampage Wood’s richest musical gems

Two– With an opulent horn instrumental and blistering swagger, “Two” is one of the most exciting bangers Rampage Wood has ever made, with his most memorable traits shining through for a mass audience here.

Scam Likely/F**k Boy Fall– Serving as one of Rampage’s best use of storytelling, this track pushes his creative boundaries to the max as he tells a story about the environment and how the surroundings one is placed in can ruin them. Between the song’s narrative to the track’s structure, this song is one of the most potent uses of Rampage Wood’s abilities to date.


Nature Boy-

Welcoming the world to his life, Nature Boy is a seven-song epic that sells listeners on Rampage Wood’s future in the rap game. In just 18 minutes of running time, the upcoming MC showcases everything that makes him special in the perfect amount of time to hold new listeners’ attention. From a trap banger like “Camouflage” to the flashy “Rolling Hills,” this project is filled with highlights that present Rampage Wood with a multitude of exciting musical landscapes. Another one of the main reasons why this project thrives is due to the sheer confidence Rampage shows out of the gate. Many rappers take time to find their footing when it comes to helming a strong presence behind the microphone but by the time your on a track like “Deep Rest,” Wood’s storytelling is synching into your head. In addition to his firey energy, Rampage Wood’s lyrical ability is quite refined from this starting point in his career. “Thousand Island” due to the combined abilities of Rampage Wood’s swagger and lyrical penmanship. All in all, Nature Boy is a great starting point to the career of Rampage Wood that any hip-hop fan will love.

501 Degrees-

Released in 2019, 501 Degrees is a project which showcases Rampage Wood’s progression as an artist as he raises the temperature to the maximum. Featuring ten tracks that span 29 minutes, Rampage shows his skills over a series of intense yet dynamic trap beats. The attention to detail on this album is very evident from top to bottom, and this allows for everything from Rampage’s lyrics to the record’s sequencing to flow in such a coherent and natural manner. At his peak, Rampage Wood gets even more in your face and firey than on Nature Boy, and this makes tracks like “Lord of Light” and “Platnium Chanel” some of the best bangers of his entire career so far. The range of this project Rampage’s performance is another factor that makes this album so enjoyable. Almost all the tracks on this record require Rampage Wood to get braggadocious on the microphone, and on each track, he manages to each moment a breath of fresh air with his versatile vocal range, cadences, and subject matter. Capturing all of these ideas to the max, “Rush Me” is an ultimate moment of lyrical prowess from Rampage Wood, along with his larger life persona. The introspective “Rampage in D Minor” was another standout on this record which added in terms of understanding Rampage Wood’s character arc and personality as a whole. All in all, 501 Degrees is another good output for Rampage Wood. While not as versatile in sound as Nature Boy, the focus on one more specific sound and style allows for the project to feel much more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. Going forward, I am truly sold on Rampage Wood from here and can’t wait to see where he takes his career from here.

Nature Boy 2-

After a three-year absence of not releasing any projects, Rampage Wood has made his return to the rap game with his newest effort Nature Boy 2. Produced by Nick Bradley, Rampage Wood’s return to the rap scene is a hard-hitting reminder of how good Rampage is but in a lot of ways, his skills sound better than ever following this hiatus. The soundscape of this record manages to embody the dynamic of the first Nature Boy while also the cohesion of 501 Degrees, and this becomes another one of the project’s main strengths throughout its 25-minute length. Even with eight tracks, this record does not feel too short, as Rampage does condense his performance down in order to give it its to-the-point identity. The soundscapes Wood plays through here are both the most creative and best sounding of his career, with tracks like “DAZED” and “Uncle Bradley” at the forefront of this. Beyond the mere sound of these tracks, the wisdom and maturity Rampage Wood showcases here is truly beyond his years as each track is filled with so much knowledge centered around such things as uncovering this personal identity and overcoming obstacles that the world stacked him up against. For Rampage Wood to quite some time between records and come up with a record this packed with content is the best thing that could have happened for his career as moments like “Cry No Tears” are tracks we are only lucky enough to have gotten as a result of Wood’s personal growth between records. Lyrically Rampage has gone from a talented spitter to a lyrical architect who’s using each line to further tell a story and enrich listeners with knowledge from his human experience that only he can ever fully understand. The soundscape from Nick Bradley is another game-changing component on this record, as the beatmaker gives everything a feel of class and opulence through his unmatched ear for picking soul samples and layering them with beautiful jazzy scores. All in All, Nature Boy 2 is hands down Rampage Wood’s best record to this point, and the growth he’s shown from the first project in this series to now is surreal. All of the potential he sold us on in 2018 has now turned into full-fledged artistic skill, and with a record this good, I can’t wait to see what’s next to come from this special rising talent.


In an industry with rappers whose hearts are not in the right place, Rampage Wood is a breath of fresh air to the game. No matter where the song he’s creating lands on his creative landing pad, he brings so much heart to each moment he creates, and this has allowed him already to have so many memorable musical experiences under his belt. At this point, I expect Rampage Wood to further improve as an artist, and I suggest you give him a follow before he blows up. If you like rappers who can offer both conscious commentary and memorable flare, look no further than Rampage Wood!

Rising Artist Rating: 4.5/5

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