Brrgy- “The Summit” Review

Brrgy- “The Summit” Review

On The Summit, rising artist Brrgy does his best to send us into an intoxicating musical world with spacey trap beats and high-pitched vocals.

In terms of style and structure, all of the project’s four songs walk on the same line, and this is a good thing. Throughout the twelve-minute run time, this project makes efforts to morph you into another world with musical charm. The intro track “Bipolar” sets the tone for what’s to come well. Its entire environment is so memorizing, and while nothing is going on beyond the sonic front, the track does a great job of absorbing us into the world of the record. While the first track sets things off strong, “Mr. Just Float” is a huge miss as it Brrgy’s high-pitched baby voice sounds inorganic, and with the flow he uses on this song, it feels like a clear rip-off of a Baby Keem track. On “Scat,” Brrgy takes a step back in the right direction and continues to keep us within the same musical environment as the intro. Bringing the record to a close, “Intetions” is another bad track filled with badly crafted lyricism and more flows that are way too similar to Baby Keem’s without any of the same charms. Between the lack of energy and bars where the young artist calls his own music “sh*t” to quote what he said, it’s just confusing beyond the intro track on if Brrgy is even serious as an artist. 

All in all, while there are pieces of a solid project on The Summit, the record falls apart right after it’s intro track, and it gets really rough to listen to. The problem with Brrgy seems to be that he is emulating the styles of others instead of finding his own lane. If he can find a style that fits him better and is more unique, he may be able to make what occurred on this project never happen again.

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