John Deaf- “Liquor Store” Review

John Deaf- “Liquor Store” Review

Coming with flash and fire, John Deaf has made his mark on the rap world with his latest single, “Liquor Store.”

Over an eerie yet energetic instrumental, John Deaf’s raw demeanor and lyrical tenacity come together in quite intriguing fashion. From his nasally vocal tone to his confidence behind the microphone, John Deaf’s MC skills give him the presentation to perfectly showcase his thoughts and feelings. Hearing about his battling emotions and never-ending quest “to get the bag” is something both inspiring and relatable to most people listening. As he continues to explore these ideas, the evolution and switch in dynamics between Deaf’s various flows make the entire track feel like a lyrical circus. When it comes to blending emotion and skill into a banger that can be played in an array of settings, “Liquor Store” is truly in a special group of songs that have come out in recent memory.

All in all, John Deaf has certainly proven he is an exciting artist with a powerful story to tell on “Liquor Store.” In each line on this track, Deaf excretes so much passion and energy, and going forward I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Rating: 3/5

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