Noname- “Song 33” Review

Noname- “Song 33” Review

After being attacked by J Cole earlier this week, the female mc returns with a response track produced by the one and only Madlib.

J Cole’s newest single “Snow On Tha Bluff” sent a lot of people into a frenzy after his controversial diss on Chicago born rapper Noname. After only a few days, the once self-proclaimed retired rapper is back with a response track titled “Song 33”. Despite the song being barley a minute, there is a ton of content embedded in the record.

The track opens up with a little monologue about dreams, which shortly turns into a classic Madlib minimalistic beat. At the same time, the instrumental is coming in, Noname starts rapping with all the pain built up in her heart. She recollects the pain she has witnessed recently with all the innocent deaths she has heard about on the news. After quickly addressing the world’s chaotic state, she starts to pick apart the entire music industry, especially Cole, with lines, “When George was begging for his mother saying he couldn’t breathe, You thought to write about me”. The previously stated line and a few others feel extremely powerful as Noname is calling out Cole for what she believes to be selfish and disrespectful actions towards herself, Geroge Floyd and the other victims who have fallen in the people’s battle for equality. The female mc then exclaims how Jermaine is distracting the world from the movements which matter with his childish beef. She is saying that we have the power to change everything we disagree with but, due to the distractions Cole and people like him are causing society is slowly but surely riling down, halting the change we could be on the brink of. Noname then closes the track stating that she is the new vanguard meaning; she declares herself as the leader of change.

Overall, I’m super surprised and delighted Noname fired back. She is clearly trying to end this drama quickly and focus on the crucial matters at hand. Her lyricism is powerful and very thought-provoking for an array of reasons. Looking forward, I’m not sure where this beef will end up, but it is undoubtedly entertaining to watch play out.

Rating: 9.2/10

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