HX2- “Visions Of Calamity” Review

HX2- “Visions Of Calamity” Review

HX2 is an upcoming producer from Detroit, Michigan. He takes inspiration from trap, traditional hip hop, and specifically the critically acclaimed abstract hip hop group clipping. With a wide array of influences, I became very excited to see how all these ingredients would mix together on his debut EP. The final result is his brand new project, Visions of Calamity. The tape is an instrumental journey that cohesively embodies all elements fans love about hip hop.

As an instrumental-only project, HX2 was challenged with the tedious task of giving listeners a compelling experience exclusively with beats. Despite the hard predicament, he was faced with, HX2 was still able to create a dynamic experience with Visions of Calamity. The EP initiates with the track “Curtains,” which is a dark and eerie track that keeps the listener’s attention with constant suspense. The following track “Ironforge” is the weakest on the tape as it just feels like a less adventurous continuation of the intro. The third track, “Romanticism” is the first pivotal change in the tone of the album. The tune still gives off horrorcore vibes, but the drum patterns are well placed and make it feel like something Mc Ride, or Danny Brown could rap over. The next track, “Nowhere,” consists of a mellow piano beat with some trap drums placed in the background. The follow up “Remembrance,” is one of the most sonically complex tracks with its intricate drum and high-hat placements, accompanied by transcending harp and string instrumentals showing the bright shift in tone currently taking place. The sixth song is “Alleviate,” and it is not bad, but it is just generic with its bland production. Track number seven, “Storm,” is the epic finale to Visions of Calamity. There are buildups, beat drops, and a feeling of triumph through the struggle. This is a phenomenal song, and it shows the potential this talented producer possesses.

Overall, Visions of Calamity is an excellent debut for a new artist. While it certainly has its flaws, HX2 shows off his talented production skills, which will most likely get better with time. Some of the production is a little repetitive, but I’m sure HX2 did the best he could with the equipment he had to work with. In the future, I’m super excited to see what HX2 will have in store for us as he learns and grows as an artist. Out of all the young producers, I’ve heard this guy more potential than most. Be sure to follow @wolfofhiphop on Instagram so you can stay up to date with everything he does!

Rating: 5.8/10

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