Smokepurpp- “Florida Jit” (Review

Smokepurpp- “Florida Jit” (Review

Since his emergence in 2017, Smokepurpp’s never been a rapper I’ve been too fond over. He’s always come off as extraordinarily bland and unoriginal, especially compared to his creatively wild counterpart, Lil Pump. The fact that he has been gifted enough to work with incredibly talented producers such as Murda Beatz yet still hasn’t been able to create a remotely decent project boggles my mind. With all that stated, he has managed to change my opinion with his new album Florida Jit which embodies everything modern Florida hip hop has to offer.

Smokepurpp and his featured artist’s performances predominantly feel fun, energetic, and passionate. For the most part, Purrp steps up from his previous works as he brings a fierce, aggressive flow with obnoxious lyricism to each track. While there is almost little to no content embedded in his writing, the way Smoke delivers every line makes a fair portion of the tracklist stick in your head hours after listening. Most of the records are super fun and enjoyable due to this, especially the songs “Off My Chest”, ‘Hangin out the Roof” and “24s”. Feature performances from Lil Pump, Young Nudy, Rick Ross, and Denzel Curry feel precisely placed as each artist enhances the track they appear on. The only bad feature performance is from rising Tik Tok rapper Jack Harlow who has one of the corniest verses of the year on “Tide Pen”. Overall, it can be drawn that Smokepurpp put a lot more effort into Jit as he forces listeners to pay attention with his one of a kind style.

Mostly handled by the highly respected producer Ronny J, Jit is strengthened with its excellent yet straightforward beat selection. Each instrumental helps Smokepurpp convey the mosh mentality he is trying to put the listener’s headspace in. Songs such as “Of My Chest” and “Fishscale” utilize unique samples over accessible trap drums. My only complaint with the production is that the few songs not produced by RJ have beats that tend to sound pretty straight forward and, the least creative. While none of Jit’s sonic scope offers anything groundbreaking, each instrumental plays its role perfectly.

In conclusion, Jit is definitely Smokepurpp’s most focused work to date. With a premier producer, Purpp was able to reestablish himself as a respected name who can make a positive impact in the rap world. He is a reckless mc who wants to have fun, and that’s undeniably fine as it is executed correctly here. Many of these tracks will serve as bangers for the foreseeable future, causing Florida Jit to be an unforgettable trap experience.

Rating: 6.0/10

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