Curren$y & Fuse- “Spring Clean” Review

Curren$y & Fuse- “Spring Clean” Review

Curren$y has been one of the most consistent rappers in the game for the past few years. He has built up a reputation around the industry as one of the game’s best collaborators due to the critical acclaim he has received with Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist, and Wiz Khalifa for their joint projects. His newest album is titled Spring Clean, and it is entirely produced by 808 Mafia producer Fuse. This unlikely pairing turns out to be a successful experiment as the two add another substantial project to their respective catalogs.

Lyrically, Curren$y calmy tears up the microphone with his feisty performance. He controls the tempo of the entire project with his laid back delivery and impactful bars. Tracks such as “Road To Riches” are incredibly inspiring as Curren$y and long time collaborator Wiz Kahlifa trade lines on how skilled and fortunate they are to be successful hustlers. “Andretti Notes (Interlude)” is another track which listeners should pay mind to as Curren$y advises musicians like him and other bag chasers how they can obtain wealth in the current pandemic we are experiencing. To me, the standout of the album is “Black Mirror” where Curren$y dives into the pain and suffering which stardom has brought him. Overall, Curren$y proves yet again that he is a top tier lyricist in a game.

Sonically, Fuse creates a diverse sounding world for listeners to enjoy. The project was surely well thought out as Fuse’s beats build up as Curren$ys lyrical content gets stronger and stronger. In the first half of the project, the instrumentals are relatively calm and safe, which is seen on tracks “The Game” and “Endless Summer”. In the second half, tracks such “I Don’t Want Much” and “Black Mirror” have instrumentals that feel more climatic and intense. Behind the boards, Fuse holds it down on this one.

In conclusion, Spring Clean is another solid addition in the evergrowing discography of Curren$y. He has repeatedly proven that he is a bonified mc and can go bar for bar with almost anyone of his peers. In addition, Fuse has yet again demonstrated his ability to take control over an entire project’s production. In the future, I hope to see more work from this duo as they have undeniable chemistry.

Rating: 6.3/10

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