Rising Artist Spotlight: Crazy1oftheday

Rising Artist Spotlight: Crazy1oftheday

An upcoming rapper I and many others have had an eye on in the underground scene is Crazy1oftheday. Six years ago, he embarked on his musical journey, and since then, he has grown into a prominent mc who is a cosign away from blowing up. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Chris was shaped by the dangerous south side of the city, which is reflected in his music. Today I will be highlighting some of his standout songs and what makes this up and comer such an exceptional talent.

His Strengths:


Crazy1oftheday has an array of skills that enable him to dive into a variety of genres. It appears he can go bar for bar with most, sing with the best of them, and almost everything else in between.


The passion and heart Crazy puts in his music makes you genuinely experience the everyday pain he goes through as a human. Whether he’s talking about his tragedies or triumphs, he has so much personality in his style, which makes him so easily relatable.

Essential Songs:

The Madness

As one of his newer songs, “The Madness” shows what you can expect from Crazy1oftheday currently. With an intense and emotional trap beat along with lyrics loaded with sorrow, this track is truly an experience that shows one’s mental demons. Telling listeners what’s going on in the darkest section of your mind is hard, but Chris unravels this gruesome topic more and more in-depth as the song progresses.

Get Better

His most streamed track is also one of his most potent. Crazy, along with the help of other artists, go on a motivational journey to depict how their past pains have become current victories. This track is very inspiring, and the mellow instrumental-only makes every word hit even harder.

Pain Away

Chris’s heartfelt vocals over an electric instrumental create an emotional dynamic that truly depicts what alcoholism can do. Crazy uses his battle with addiction to assist anyone listening fighting the same struggle. This is one of his most touching tracks as it can surely help anyone in a battle with substance abuse.

I Feel It

His most recent track is an out of this world experience, which can make anyone feel they are drifting into outer space. With his psychedelic vocals on top of an intergalactic instrumental, critics and stoners alike can enjoy this track!


Crazy1oftheday has the skillet set and musical output to be great. The only other thing I’m still craving from him is a solo project. Delivering a full-length work to fans will elevate him to a level unimaginable. I’m super excited to see how he can continue to grow and progress artistically, and I hope you guys are too! Follow @therealcrazy1oftheday on Instagram so you can see the greatness which will accompany him in the future!

Rising Artist Rating: 4/5

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