Kanye West- “Wash Us in the Blood” Review

Kanye West- “Wash Us in the Blood” Review

Kanye West is a rapper who, I think, needs no introduction at this point. Since 2004, he has been one of hip hops most celebrated and polarizing figures. Last year, Ye branched out into gospel music for the first time but received mixed reception for it as his previous album, Jesus is King lacked cohesion and depth. Today, he has released his brand new single “Wash Us In The Blood”, which features his dear friend and current collaborators Travis Scott and Dr.Dre. This track is a delight for Kanye fans old and new alike as he picks apart our current crazed society.

The track opens up with an abrasive instrumental reminiscent to the Yeezus era. Once its gritty tone settles in, Kanye enters the record in frustration as he talks about the world’s current chaotic state. He wonders how the universe has gotten to this state of turmoil as he proclaims we need someone to save us. Referring to God, Ye demands the holy spirit to come down and save us from the disastrous path we are sliding down. The track continues to build up sonically until listeners are delighted to a guest verse from Travis Scott. La Flame continues on the topic West’s been building on as he quickly paints a vivid picture detailing his gripes with society. As Travis fades away, Kanye closes out the track with a more personal verse. West says the industry has been dreading his return as most can’t handle the truth. After rambling about his own worth, Kanye finishes the performance stating to anyone listening not to take him the wrong way as it will indeed be a mistake. The track wraps up with a final hook from Kanye as he yet again demands God to wash the world in our blood. After all of this, the instrumental closes out on a menacing and chilling tone.

While I have a few issues with “Wash Us in the Blood”, it is just as powerful as enjoyable. The production is near perfect as it amazingly cultivates the current suffering the world is living through. Kanye also brings substance to match it as he deeply questions the universe. He wonders why African Americans have suffered for this long while also having a potent conversation with the lord. It’s safe to say this is better then 90% of Jesus is King, and if Kanye can put a whole album together like this, it may just be his best in a while.

Rating: 9.3/10

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