Rising Artist Spotlight: Young Malk

Rising Artist Spotlight: Young Malk

Young Malk is easily one of the most talented rappers coming out of the underground scene right now. He only has two mixtapes, but the ladder of the two, “Plandemic“, reflects everything that listeners need to hear to fall in love with the aspiring mc’s sound. Today, I will be highlighting his essential songs and what makes Young Malk such an exceptional talent!

His Strengths:


Young Malk can go bar for bar with almost anyone in the game right now. With a wide array of subject matter and flows, each verse Malk spits feels distinct and memorable. He can be aggressive while also being philosophical. When listening to the California mc, be ready to hear a handful of memorable punchlines on each track!

Microphone Presence

Young Malk makes sure you remember his name when he hops on the mic. The combination of his hard delivery and smooth flow is memorizing to the ears!

Essential Songs:


As the premier single off of his Plandmeic album, “Dantoni” shows the project at its best. Using illusive wordplay relating to sports and Malk’s early life, the song has loads of knowledge embedded in it. The smooth flute inspired beat only makes the track even more memorable.

Laughter Copes

On this Plandemic cut, Malk goes on a lyrical tangent about his own skills and strengths. He then gives his views on a few societal issues as he puts listeners in a trance over a memorizing boom-bap instrumental. When it comes to hard-hitting braggadocios tracks, “Laughter Copes”, is one of the best I have heard in a while.

Monopolise Game

Rapping over a minimalistic instrumental, Malk introduces listeners to the themes of Plandemic with, “Monopolise Game”. In less than two minutes, Young Malk uses information from the darkest corners of his head to teach listeners powerful life lessons.

Buck O Five

The second track on Plandemic, “Buck O Five”, showcases Young Malk’s top tier rapping ability over a spine chilling instrumental. Talking about the disastrous effects that the Corona Virus pandemic has had on our society, listeners are challenged with hard to digest prompts.


All and all, I genuinely believe Young Malk has the potential to become an all-time great. He is very early in his career, and he has already developed a skillset which takes some decades to obtain. If he can build upon Plandemic and keep dropping quality projects, Young Malk will reach stardom very soon. If you are a fan of Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Pusha T, Jay-Z, or Benny The Butcher, Young Malk is the mc for you!

Rising Artist Rating: 5/5

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