Benny The Butcher- “Deal Or No Deal” Review

Benny The Butcher- “Deal Or No Deal” Review

While his fellow Griselda members, Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine, have already dropped two projects each this year, fans are still waiting for Benny The Butcher’s first album of 2020. While we haven’t seen any full-length projects from Benny yet, he has given us a handful of singles, including “Did I” and “Da Mob”. His newest single “Deal Or No Deal” released today, and frequent collaborator Daringer produced it. Benny seems to be in his element on this track, which could mean we are finally close to the release of his next album.

The track opens up with a spine-chilling instrumental, making one feel like they are in the middle of a crime movie. Alongside the hard-hitting bass and drums, Benny gives a monologue of how powerful he is on the mic and the streets. After this, the Buffalo mc finally starts rapping as he goes on a tangent of everything he has done for the game. Alongside his current accomplishments, Benny draws many flashbacks and metaphors to his drug-dealing past. Lines such as “I had them dope boys payin’ deposits to get there hands on product” and “Smokin’ Gary Payton just like the ’96 Bulls” will make any hip hop head scratch their head due to the intricateness of the wordplay. After this, he mentions that the only way he will ever respond to a rappers diss is if they make a worthy and fair claim towards his self proclaimed throne. Once Benny is finished rapping, he has another conversation with himself, but this time he boasts about his dominance in the rap game for the past three years. Once his closing speech wraps up, the instrumental fades out, leaving the listener with loads of knowledge to digest.

In conclusion, Deal Or No Deal is another fantastic single from one of the hottest rappers out right now. Benny The Butcher has been on a hot streak since the new year, and I finally think we are approaching a major release from him. If we get an album as good as these singles, 2020 will completely be taken over by Griselda.

Rating: 8.3/10

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