Rising Artsit Spotlight: Tha Vengian

Rising Artsit Spotlight: Tha Vengian

Coming to us from Canada, meet Tha Vengian. With an elite pen game and a style similar to an Earl Sweatshirt or Mavi, this young MC seems to be next in this line of ever-growing artists. Today, I will be diving into his skillset and showing you why he will be hip hops next star!

His Strengths:


As stated, Tha Vengian possesses the special ability to thread complex words and phrases into cohesive thoughts. Seen throughout his entire “Arachnid” EP, he can go into serious depth in any given amount of time. As he grows, this belief will become more renowned as he will only get better from here.


While many guys can rap well, most find it hard to get their words out in a distinct and compelling manner. Fortunately, Ven’s hard-hitting and even sometimes spine chilling delivery will echo in listeners heads for hours after listening.

Essential Songs:

Write Formula

Sounding like something straight out of a horror movie, “Write Formula”, embodies everything Tha Vengian is about. With meaningful wordplay and an intense lyrical pattern, it becomes nearly hypnotizing to listen to. This is the best starting point for anyone trying to get into him.


Over a mellow woodwind instrumental, Tha Vengian takes a calm approach to the microphone in order to pass on the knowledge he has learned throughout his life on his song “Godlist”. With many lessons are embedded within each line, it’s hard not to admire what he was going for here!


“TheSoCalled” is the intro off of his “Arachnid” EP. The cut shows Tha Vengian’s illusive storytelling skills to the max. Over a gloomy instrumental, Ven tells a dark story that will draw in any avid hip hop fan.

Auction Chant Song

Using the persona of a slave being auctioned off, Ven channels hatred and aggression to make a three-minute anthem that decodes years worth of lies. Using his lyrical ability in such a socially aware way is something that many established artists still struggle with.


All and all, I firmly believe Tha Vengian is next up in the evergrowing rap world. Following the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Mach Hommy, MIKE, and Mavi, he will continue to push and perfect his sound which will further abstract hip hop as a whole. Coming from a respected hip hop critic, figure, and network, my advice for him is to get his next project on streaming services and continue to push his brand out. If Tha Vengian can do these two things, he will be on the top 200 album chart in the next year! If you dig this talented up and comer, be sure to follow him @tha_vengian on Instagram!

Rising Artist Rating: 4/5

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